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Keeping with the theme, everything Under the Rainbow includes Wearever US, makers of very economical, useful, green solutions to incontinence (for adults and children alike.) 

We have had some setbacks with potty training. I was SO proud of my son -- he was potty-trained during the daytime well before two years old and nighttime trained just after. We knew 'accidents happen' but we never expected a regression like what we experienced about a month ago. There was no new baby -- not even a puppy. No reason we could think of, and yet our son started with an accident at night. 

We don't scold for accidents. So, I'd clean it up. I'd wash the trainers he wore, which were to prevent small dribbles -- not full bladder evacuation. Then I'd scrub the mattress. We'd have to get up and wash off. Then it became a daytime thing. I thought he was just too busy playing. I took him to the doc to see if it was something like a UTI. Nothing seemed to be the cause. So, naturally we needed to seek out something to keep from ruining our mattress until this phase passed. 

Here is the bottom side of the mattress pad -- you can see the peach is the pad and the white are the wings.

**This photo was taken on a FULL size bed, to show the full view of the wings and pad.**

Enter: Wearever US! 

This mattress pad with wings is GREAT for toddler beds, twin size beds and hospital beds. The pad is completely washable -- making it a greener solution for incontinence and mattress care! The mattress pad stays in place thanks to the wings -- even on a full-size bed, the wings help to secure the pad under a fitted sheet. 

I have even laid on the bed with my son and realized that it made the mattress more comfortable! You see, I'm a bit like the Princess--you know, from the Princess and the Pea? I can feel everything under there! The mattress has these silly buttons and the pad makes those a lot more comfortable -- so it is a great addition to anyone bed! Lets not forget that as women, no matter how closely we chart our cycles, for me anyway I have a few months each year where I get surprised in the night. There are so many reasons to try a Wearever Mattress Pad with Wings in your bedroom!

Here is a stock photo from the Wearever website, showing the quilting absorbent top of the pad:

Here you can see that it tucks nicely on a twin size bed. 

The material is cotton-poly blend called "Ibex." It's not plush or Egyptian cotton luxury but it's very comfortable and for most you won't be in direct contact anyway, so what matters is absorption! There are three layers and very well-sewn seams to hold up in the washing machine. The mattress is purported to catch up to 60 ounces of liquid! I wish that a cloth diaper could be made of this stuff!

Of course, since putting the mattress down about two weeks ago, we haven't had any nighttime accidents. But, I can sleep well knowing the clean up of any future messes will be a little easier!

Specs: 36" x 32" and 19" wings

You can win your own Wearever US Mattress Pad with Wings! They are a super sponsor for the Under the Rainbow giveaway, going on now! You can also purchase a pad like this one for $19.99 from the Wearever US website. Make sure to keep up on Facebook and Pinterest too! Good luck!

*I was provided a complimentary mattress pad with wings for this review. I was not compensated in any other way.*

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  1. I love that Wearever has such wonderful items for a problem that has been going on for years and now is addressed by the public and medical practioners, I love these pads for your bed or chair and I also love the Wearever Womens Super Incontinence panties that are available, don't resemble diapers, how nice.