When a Shake Equals Success #NSNation

I've been doing well on Nutrisystem. Really -- right on track. Down 15 pounds from when I got the stomach flu that catapulted me into the New Year and down 11 pounds from my start on Nutrisystem.


Then last week happened. I went to a brew pub. I NEVER get to have a beer (mostly because I don't see the point in drinking those calories when I can just drink water or milk that is GOOD for me!) But, I decided on a flight of some brewery specialties since we were staying in the neighboring hotel and could walk the fifty feet back. Four small four ounce beers. They were great. I'm glad I indulged!

Then I ate half of a wonderful burger. I didn't have condiments like the specialty mayo on it and I didn't eat French fries. I swam for hours each day we were there, three total. I even ran one night. But the scale was just NOT budging!

This month the shake mix that you get with your Nutrisystem order each month was also out of stock. This was a hard blow for me, since the shakes are what get me through a moment of hunger an hour or so before a meal. It's my midday snack. It's a way to hydrate. They taste great. There are SO many reasons that I love my shakes! So, I asked my wonderful counselor, Megan about the outlook for the month. She said that "regular" clients would get a letter that the item is out of stock and would be sent as soon as it was available. The #NSNation bloggers are also getting our shakes very soon. This made me delighted to be a part of this community, knowing that the customer service is excellent and they really want me to succeed!

I credit the ease of the program with much of my success, but also the shakes. Really. They rock. They are convenient for on-the-go hunger and they've helped me avoid unnecessary snacking. Shake your way to success like I have!

How are your weight loss goals shaping up? I'm getting there -- in baby steps! 

*I received a complimentary meal plan in return for my participation in this campaign. I was compensated in no other way. All opinions are 100% my own.*


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