Bluestem LLC - Teaching Kids about Birds and Nature - The fun way!

Bluestem, LLC - Naturalist in a Box 

Here you can see what comes with your kit. Inside you'll find the contents of the animal or birds dinner! Make it a fun learning experience and bring this kit out for a picnic -- compare what the animal/bird eats with what you and your kids are eating! This is a great time to introduce how creatures eat too -- beaks, paws, spearing, slashing, etc. What a fun way for kids to learn something tangible AND foster stewardship in their little hearts, providing slowly, for a better future!

There are all sorts of ways to learn with Bluestem LLC Naturalist kits! You can play matching games with the younger kiddos while telling them what the featured animal (in this case, bird, the Whooping Crane) eats. You can use the sheet in the report cover to polish your own knowledge and give the highlights to older kids.

One thing I like about this kit in particular is that the kids get a cuddly plush. Some of the kits feature molded plastic toys as the main event. Still  others have a plush and then flash cards for the learning tools. I really like the combination of cuddle and durable with this kit. There are so many kits to choose from -- these would make a great addition to a homeschooling curriculum OR just a way to supplement your childs' learning with a fun family activity! 

We have definitely seen a connection for our son who is three after using this kit. We get Sandhill Cranes on our property, so though they are not the same, our son has taken a new interest in the cool cranes that visit us each spring. I would really like to have a shelf full of these to have short and meaningful learning experiences that are fun throughout the week! They are like learning ninja tools -- kids don't know they're learning and parents are proud to see the little sponges soaking up some of Mother Nature's splendor!

*Disclosure: We received a complimentary kit for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.*


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