Earth-friendly, User-friendly Laken USA Bottles and Containers

We gave away stainless steel coffee mugs at our rehearsal dinner to the wedding party. They were kinda cool, ordered online, and had caribiner handles -- perfect for attaching to your backpack or fishing vest. Well, I know that at least two of the mugs have separated from their handles. Others are collecting dust in cupboards. Some were used for a while. The point it--they weren't high quality. It's harder and harder to find quality stainless steel vessels these days, especially those that are double-insulated (we'll talk about this further on)!

So, I came across Laken USA bottles. They are a Spanish company that happens to make some excellent stainless steel vessels. They make all sorts of things from cups, thermoses, camping gear, cooking gear, lunchboxes, water bottles big and small, and even canteens and flasks.

Mini-confession: I use to use plastic bottles. A lot more than I should have or would like to admit to.

For Earth Day each year, I make commitments -- much like New Years for other folks, but for me, I plan to stick to these and they are generally more attainable. So for Earth Day I'm not losing 50 lbs, but I will be making a commitment to cut our household plastics consumption dramatically. This includes no longer supporting plastic bottles - okay - if we're in dire straights for taking meds or something away from home, on one or two occasions we might slip up. We're not perfect. But in an effort to make this a real commitment, I went on a search for great water bottles. And for my hopelessly addicted husband, a coffee cup.

I found something for everyone, all in one place! Laken carries a line of adorable kids water bottles that are cute to look at and functional for little hands and mouths. We chose the 12 oz. Thermo Kukuxumusu bottle for our son with a funny porcupine snorkeling and in love with a puffer fish on the outside. It has a flip top and a twisting spout. He is three and can work it perfectly. The inside of the bottle is 18/8 food grade stainless steel, with vacuum insulation.

So here's the part about the specs of a double insulated, vacuum 18/8 stainless steel bottle. What does all that mean, eh? So steel is an iron alloy. In the number you see for stainless, whether flatware or bottles of some other thing is 18/10 or 18/8. The 10 or 8 is the amount of nickel. The first number is the percentage content of Chromium. No liner is needed in the inside of the bottle because of these factors. Why is it important? Chromium makes things hard. Nickel reduces corrosion. So, now you know what to look for and what it means! Lastly, the 10 will be MORE shiny and lustrous than the 8. Easy, right? Right. Double-walled insulation means your hots will stay hot and your colds will not get hot! 

I chose the Laken Classic Thermo Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Wide Mouth 17oz Water Bottle by Kukuxumusu in the print Himalaya. Not only does my water stay cold all day, I can easily pick my water bottle out from the crowd at Zumba or anywhere else! The recommended use for cold things is to use ice cubes, but I honestly have not needed to. I just make the tap water cold running it a few seconds and it stays perfect consumption temperature! 

For my husband, we chose a coffee mug. I do not know why -- he has a habit of losing these suckers constantly. I have kept the same coffee cup for over 10 year now (for the record!) But, because I love him, I decided he needed a nice new one. So we went with a 17 oz. Stainless Steel Insulated Thermo Cup in the standard black color. Red is an option too. I do wish there were some "cuter" varietals in the Thermo Cup arena, but the looks take nothing from the function, so we're happy!

.The claim with this model is "keeps hot beverages hot for up to 7 hours" -- we may never be able to test this one. Like the number of licks to the center of the lollipop, we both down our coffee in under an hour, but in that time it's always perfectly hot!

So that folks is one of our many Earth Day ambitions that is being made into a new, more environmentally friendly norm in our lives. We all have reusable vessels that are safe and functional to replace all of those disposable options like plastic and the dreaded Styrofoam!

You can help too! Get yourself a reusable container, cup, or bottle at Laken USA! You can also help by writing or calling the places you frequent for coffee while out and about and letting them know you'd appreciate a friendlier option at their facility! Or, a perk for those with their own cup!

*Disclosure: This post was brought to you by a partnership with Laken. All opinions are our own.*


  1. I loved learning about the actual makeup of stainless steel and what those numbers mean! Their site also has the 50% off deal of the day, which is something that will keep me looking for a great gift idea.

  2. I confess I still use Nalgene bottles, though I want to get Classic Water Bottle Wide Mouth Screw Cap with Loop 34oz Let's Flow.

  3. I love the little moose on the mug! I could definitely use a new mug... most of ours are freebies and they are leaky or branded!

  4. I love stainless steel because it keeps my water cooler for longer.