Impact: Great Leadership Changes Everything - Book Review

I have to fully disclose here: I had my husband in mind when I became interested in this book. He's moving from technician to management in his career. He's been reading all sorts of leadership information. He just got accepted into a middle-management leadership training program for the federal government, so I'm really proud of him. And, I hope he is as great of a leader on the job as he is at home. When I'm not leading that is!

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I have seen leadership fail many times. On the fireline it's crucial, life and death even. I cannot help but think of many tragedy wildfires and wonder if the folks that are no longer here put too much stock in their leadership? It's why we train in courses such as Fireline Leadership, Followership to Leadership, etc. I've read leadership books -- a favorite is Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun.

Leadership is a topic not often given the limelight and all too often ignored. In his book, Tim Irwin gets the reader thinking--really thinking about this important topic. What is in a leader? What difference does it make? He goes in-depth to discover how great leaders succeed and what creates the leadership train wrecks that many have witnessed in their own lives.

I know this book is not written to the audience of stay-at-home-moms. BUT, I found it compelling and pertinent in my own life and very much so in my part time work in the office. If you read this book with the intent of being a better leader, it will help you be a better parent. What is a parent really, if not a good leader, able to keep a family safe, efficient, functioning... I know it sounds like a stretch, but it's all about intention and improvement. I think it's a great book for moms and professionals alike!

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  1. Perhaps what your saying is that this book could help us become better family leaders... I've never been a great leader... I prefer to follow, but being a mom means doing all sorts of things you'd rather not...