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I have been a fan of the super-duper portable and convenient pouch-style delivery of food since I discovered it about two years ago. You see friends, I'm not a super organized mom. As an individual, I used to be on top of my game. Now? Not so much.

There are quite a few mornings when we are flying around sometimes (I won't name names) some of us are screaming like banshees: Get dressed! Go potty! Where's the coffee? I want my truck! ... The madness is brief but intense and if we are to be anywhere before 10 a.m., it's a guaranteed show. Sometimes our family is even good for a matinee version after work and picking up the kiddo at daycare, errands, etc.

So do I love any short cut involved? Oh yes. Yes I do. I find that the NEW Stonyfield Yogurt pouches are an excellent grab-and-go snack or breakfast. Pair it with a banana or some sliced up strawberries and I feel like I deserve a star for my achievements that morning! (You're all probably thinking I'm the worlds' worst mom, right?) I assure you, the child is always fed -- sometimes it's not even on the fly!

When I have an ORGANIC option that is GOOD FOR HIM...I don't feel bad about the "fast food" option I've just given him. In fact, there are a lot of meals that we enjoy in the car. That's just our life. Stonyfield with the introduction of these pouches has just made that fast-paced life a little sweeter!

These handy pouches that can be tucked in your refrigerator until you're ready to eat 'em, come in NINE different scrumptious flavors! The only one my toddler didn't LOVE was the one that contained spinach. That went double for my husband who will usually eat anything -- except apparently anything with spinach or coconut water! The beets however that are secretly disguised by yummy berry flavors -- those got by undetected by both!

The strawberry and blueberry in all varieties were however a HUGE hit! Guess what? In addition to being a healthy serving of dairy, some of these pouches offer a bit of DHA as well -- a key component in healthy young kiddo development! The lids allow re-sealing and stowing in a cooler or fridge for later if not consumed in one sitting. They are perfectly sized for little hands, too! BUT, we all know that occasionally, and especially in the case of my yogurt-obsessed hubby, big hands love 'em too!

This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Such a scrumptious breakfast for the little ones! :D -Caroline