Nancy Drew: The Ghost of Thornton Hall - Review

So, the last week I've been feeling a lot more energetic. This means I'm not going to bed at 9 p.m. and can afford an hour or two of "fun" (read here: should be working) time. So, I installed the last Nancy Drew game I had yet to conquer: The Ghost of Thornton Hall (GTH).

I have to admit, right up front, I wasn't as interested in this game as some. That's why it was dead last to get played. I was totally wrong and it was probably tied with White Wolf of Icicle Creek for my favorite EVER! I know the experience could be different on Master level, but I'm barely able to get through Amateur without the cheats and hints--and thank goodness for the community message boards! But...I still felt like there was no point in the game when I was totally frustrated with where I was at within the mystery and lost interest. It was a game I solved in about five nights.

The setting is interesting, the character development was good, and I even solved a few puzzles with NO help at all! (That's pretty big for me!) It was great to have the "hint" option on most tasks but also a "solution" option after so many hints are given. Sometimes, especially if I really don't click with a puzzle, I just want it done and want the clue. So having the "white flag" option so to speak is super. I hadn't noticed it in other games so it might be a newer feature? This game is a more recent product from Her Interactive, so it's likely that user input and several games to give experience and develop upon have just about perfected the GTH game for user-friendliness.

This one is really a great game to get you or your kiddo hooked on some Nancy Drew fun! If you loved the book series as a kid, you'll probably get a kick out of the games as an adult! You won't have to worry about language or lewd scenes, this is totally a wholesome collection. I'm really excited to get a few new discs and start playing the next game or two, as we take a month-long adventure across the country! Stay tuned...

* Disclosure * I received promotional items in return for my review. I was not compensated in any other way.*


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