Kid Co Peapod Plus P4010 - Camping, Travel, & Home Use [review]

Early on in our parenting adventure, we purchased a "screen pop up pup tent." It was about $25 from an online seller and was gently used. It looked like an army surplus tent for a tiny tiny General's poodle. We thought it would be perfect for our then only eight month old son. We were wrong.

Though the entire tent was mesh and he had a view he loathed being put into it. It was mostly for bug protection. We live in the land of plenty when it comes to insects and the child was blessed with mom's sensitivity to light and insects.

The entire thing was a parenting fail. Now, about two years later, we decided the KidCo Pea Pod Plus P4010 looked really awesome. Nothing is easier to set up. And this time? He loves it. We send it in the RV or hotel for fun when he goes with Granny & Papa. We bring it to hotels too. We set it up in the house sometimes just for a break from inclement weather. It's a ready-made fort for him. It's a great place to put him when we're camping for a nap or just to have a 'play tent' out of the bugs (mostly) and out of the sun and most importantly, out of the way (mostly from dangers like the campfire or cooking area or waters edge.)


Really easy set-up and take down
Totally packable -- taking up about the amount of room a bag of chips does!
Sturdy construction yet comfortable enough for sleep
Keeps insects at bay!
Shady spot for outdoor sunny nap needs
Zippered pockets and zippered mesh front for easy access and viewing


The cost is from $99 - $109, which is totally worth it for us for how much our son LOVES it and how convenient it is but for some families that might be prohibitive. 

Fair warning; don't allow liquids and snacks in the tent. Mesh is hard to clean and the last thing you want in your safe haven is ants or wasps!

In the End?

We went on a crazy month-long road trip and we took this gem along--it was the best small cubic volume that was occupied in the whole van (next to the coffee supplies!) There are various online resources where you can buy the newer KidCo Peapod Plus P4010 just like the one we tried out! Make sure to find Kid Co on Facebook and Twitter too!

*Disclosure* We received a complimentary KidCo Peapod Plus for this article. We were compensated in no other way. All opinions are our own.*


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