Picnics with #Stonyfield #Yogetters: Healthy, Easy, and Fun

If you have a toddler or preschool-aged child, you're likely to go through the 'picnic' stage. My son is three and a half years old and he LOVES having a picnic. This can be as simple as eating an apple outside. Really. He just loves food + outdoors.

This SUPER old-school book is the one he adores! Your library should have a version!

So, in an attempt to be a 'better mom' and more creative (Pinterest be damned, I don't have time for you!) I grabbed out Teddy Bear Picnic book. I stocked up on Stonyfield Kids Strawberry pouches. I made us PBJ sandos and grabbed the water bottles. We even had some special (albeit expensive) Ranier cherries -- they only have about a two week window in our stores here in the northland, so my son was excited to see 'yellow cherries.'

We didn't do anything real intricate (obviously) but it delighted my son to no end. He requests picnics almost daily now, but we try to have at least one each week.

What to pack for YOUR picnic:

1) a towel or blanket - not always NEEDED but it really sets the stage!
2) Stonyfield Yogurt! We prefer pouches because they're mess-free. But you could also make sandwich spreads and sides or a fun dessert.
3) Something fun like a book, song or game to solidify the picnic as a memory!

Disclosure: This post was part of a collaboration in my Stonyfield Yogetters membership. The complimentary product did not sway my opinion or my honest words of wisdom...haha! Thanks!


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