Loony for Sckoon? Why You Should Be Brave and Try It!

Something that I never thought I'd learn to love is cloth menstrual pads. But, I find myself just as addicted to them as cloth diapers -- well, maybe not quite that bad, but I'm loving it. 

The next logical step was to try a reusable cup. I will say right upfront, this idea sort of terrified me. So much in fact that I put off even researching cups for about three years. Finally, so many of my friends and peers were braving the new territory I just couldn't let the curiosity kill me anymore. I decided to go for it.

What did I figure out? It's not scary. It was like trying a new recipe or maybe a first run in new shoes. Not like riding an insanely fast, crazy roller coaster or facing down a creepy crawly spidey in your bedroom. No, it was just something new I should have tried out when I first heard tell of them on the market for ladies.

- crazy green practice (there is virtually no impact here, other than the initial product being made and water use)
- you never "run out" of supplies
- no laundry/waste
- no bulk since you carry ONE cup

- public restrooms (I never really got comfortable washing out my cup in public -- ultimately, a young child always walks in, horror struck.)
- not terrible, but not what I would call perfectly comfortable
- I still used a pantyliner as a backup and at night I went back to cloth, since I just couldn't get a leak free evening

While I do not think I can convert 100% to a cup, I do love having it in my girl arsenal -- you know one of my zillions of bags that I carry around. Like a girls prep kit. The ironic thing is that about two months after I started trying my SckoonCup, I stopped needing it. Spoiler Alert: I'm not menopausal. I am preggers! So though I'll have a reprieve from the world of those womanly woes, I'll be curious about continuing use in a postpartum manner in 2015!

Retailing at right around $36, it is a great investment if you're stuck in the bleached cotton, mainstream menstrual product rut and you're looking for a long-term solution to having a better period. I love not having all the waste and not having to worry about buying more "stuff" during "that time of the month." Be brave! It is a little fun knowing that I conquered the fear. I'm no longer desperately curious about how they work, how they fit, or if they are right for me! I know that I like menstrual cups for certain situations in conjunction with cloth pads. That's what works for me. What works for you? 

Disclosure: I was able to try a complimentary SckoonCup for this campaign. I was not compensated in any other way. My opinions are my own.


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