Trying Something New -- Dealing with the Burden of Digital Photos!

Disclosure: I partnered with US Family Guide and to complete this article. I was compensated in some way for this post.

The digital age. My old soul is still rebelling I think, as I type this I am not on my Smartphone. I do not Snap Chat. I sound like I'm 90 when really, I haven't even turned the corner on 30! In fact, most elderly women have caught on to the iPad operation and I still cannot turn on my brother's iPhone. No password needed--that sucker is safe with me since I just cannot figure them out, nor do I waste much time trying.

I know I will have to make the switch someday. Sadly, someday my local cellular carrier will not have another flip phone in the back of the drawer. He won't pull it out and say "Are you sure you want this thing?"

Has anyone else struggled here? I have to confess I still purchase a disposable cameras occasionally. Sometimes I just like to have the physical product of my creative eye right there in front of me. I suppose I've had a digital camera for a little over a decade -- several actually -- and the result is this: full SD cards in a drawer, lost photos that I recall taking but have no idea where I might have stored them, boxes full of prints never to be organized, and a computer and a few websites full of photos that have yet to be added to a photo book or purchased and printed.

I'm hoping might solve some of this problem for me! They have a "One-click Photo Book option." Granted, the creative genius involved is lacking, BUT at least I'd have that tangible product that has a better chance of being gazed upon. Who thinks it's fun to scroll through folders of shots? NOT ME! click photo book it is!

The key is to upload only GOOD photos. I know it seems obvious, but I rarely delete the blurred disaster photos or photo bombs where a lady picking her wedgie wanders into my frame. So, I would like to keep those gems OUT of my book! Otherwise, I think this is a great idea for busy moms and those buried at the bottom of Photo Mountain. If I get one and only one thing done on this rainy day, it will be clearing out our vacation photos from this summer into a fun, quick photo book or two! I love that hardcover is an option and I'm hoping there is an algorithm in the site somewhere that makes it look really professional and rad! I guess even if it's a little wonky on my first try, grandma and grandpa will appreciate flipping through a book more than patiently sitting through my slideshow on a 15" screen!

Disclosure: I partnered with US Family Guide and to complete this article. I was compensated in some way for this post.


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