Curious George Comes to Life for our Monkey!

I planned on bombarding this post with photos. I even thought about doing a Wordless Wednesday (something I haven't done in months and am abysmal at, since I love words...) but...

As I unzipped my camera case, the emcee was just uttering "Please absolutely no flash photography OR photography of any kind due to copyright laws and the actors safety." So, my hopes dashed I will have to convey to you using only words how seeing George portrayed as a human in a suit was received by my Curious George on PBS Kids-lovin' son of mine!

For me, playing Curious George bingo was the highlight of the show. I just cannot have a 3D monkey taking the place of the 2D primate that stole my heart at a young age. But, knowing that this was a performance and not a movie, I did know this going in... 

The only gripe with the venue? They had 300 children and three games of bingo with six prizes. I value the 'good sport' mentality and not everyone wins, but there were some seriously sad children that didn't understand... Anyway...that's neither here nor there.

The show. It was an hour long and quite a good storyline. I do not recall reading a book in my childhood about George mailing himself to Rome, but it was cute. The props were simple. The actors were really great! Chef Pisghetti and Netty, his wife had voice doppelgangers. If that's a thing. There was a lot of movement and a lot of song. 

A deviation from the show we love to watch in the morning, the Doorman (played by a woman who did a remarkable job with the part AND was spot-on with the accent) actually travels out of the city! He is intrigued by travel and there was no Hundley

Kids were roaring, adults could appreciate the details and the finer points of the story. It was a great night out to enjoy a bit of kiddie-culture as a family. 

Photo graciously sent by PBS Kids for use here

We'd been leading up to this night with George-themed fun all week. We purchased "BooFest" knowing that it would air in just a few weeks, but not able to contain our excitement we had to have it. I've not heard my son cackle that loudly and wildly in a long time -- he found No Noggin the most comical character ever! 

Photo graciously sent over by PBS Kids for use here

So, when the Scholastic Book Order came around the preschool, I figured "Why not?" So I purchased the book version, expecting him to be bored with it. No -- full laughter again. It was delightful!

So, as we sat painting egg carton crafts for Halloween tonight, we also played BooFest for the second time this week as a treat. We'll be tuning in on PBS Kids soon, I'm sure too! Have you seen it? It's a great little festive film and we recommend it to any Curious George fans out there! Check out your local PBS station for local showings coming up! And...

Hold on to your hats!!!

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  1. Sounds like it was a good event, regardless of the little things! Sometimes it's ok to stray from the usual, so we can enjoy a new storyline! And we'll definitely be looking into BooFest! thank you.