Five Fun Pregnancy-related Announcement Techniques (Tips, Surprises, Ideas and Tricks!)

Are you bursting at the seams (well inside) while still not outwardly showing? In the day and age of Pinterest, it seems like special moments like announcing a pregnancy or gender of a child in the womb are staged opportunities to "one-up" friends on Facebook and get the biggest "oooh" factor and number of likes. Here are some ideas that are simple and fun and you won't need to log in to social media to be happy with the smiles that they induce!

5) A Cute Shirt

This isn't the most creative way to tell those you love but it is a REALLY fun way! We had my son wear a cute construction shirt from Zoey's Attic and didn't say a word to family or friends -- just let them notice! The front says "I've got BIG news" ... I'm going to be a big brother! Under construction until December 2014!"

It's truly adorable and it was fun for folks to go about their business and then realize what the shirt said and get super excited! The hardest part was keeping it clean to do the trick several times over for family and friends -- so when you order from Zoey's Attic, I'd get heather grey or a black one! White is tough for kiddos!

We have since washed it about 3-4 times and the screen print is still good as new. There are several customization options - including names, due dates, and custom orders. They are friendly and flexible and the options for sayings and themes are nearly endless! Plan to spend at least an hour trying to decide what message will be how you'd like to tell people!

We would go this route again for sure. It was something our young son was an active part of and it's now a keepsake shirt! It made HIM feel special and addressed out news. Win-win!

4) A Handmade Hint (Some need stronger hints than others!)

I wanted to do something special for my husband to get the point across to him that I was unexpectedly but joyously pregnant. So, I knew he loved fishing and specifically fishing with our son. This led me to Sierra Metal Designs and a spoon lure that says "Another Fishing Buddy." There are several -- "Soon to be Grandpa" and many other cute ideas too!

This lure hangs from his office desk area now with paintings by our son and other cherished items on display. Just in case he didn't get the hint, I also had a cat litter scoop with a bow on it, to signal a more dramatic delivery of the news. It was unnecessary, and apparently he wasn't too surprised with the news (since I guess I'd been exhibiting some moodiness!) but he was surprised and appreciative of the sweet way to tell him. Etsy shops like Sierra Metal Design are full of creative folks that are small businesses and are wonderful places to find a little inspiration for a trinket to tell those you love you are adding more love to the family!

3) Favorite Characters:

For those of you that weren't aware (spoiler alert) Daniel Tiger got a baby sister in the premier of Season 2 on PBS Kids! This could be the perfect way to announce to your little one that a new baby is coming their way too!

* Tip * Watch the show with your child and make it special. Maybe he/she can help prepare something for baby's arrival like the rocking chair pillows and stuffed animals or help by sorting baby clothes. Take them shopping and let them pick out matching lovies for big sibling and little one.

Seeing a character like Daniel go through surprise, happiness, frustration and adjustment to the news of new baby is a great way to ease kids into the complex idea of a baby coming. I think it makes it more tangible to them -- especially when mama doesn't look different in the beginning weeks! Once you're seven months along and the baby is dancing a jig for all to feel it is a bit easier to explain (and believe) for kids.

2) Stay off of Facebook! This pregnancy we didn't tell anyone via social media that wasn't thousands of miles away. We had REAL conversations and though it seems like a boring route to go, it's almost a treat because in this modern era it's not official until it's Facebook official! So, around the 5-7 month mark folks started wondering, noticing, and sometimes asking. We've had such great connections with friends that were face-to-face because we didn't send out a mass message! In fact, many people didn't know until I finally posted a maternity picture as my cover on Facebook. I'm 29 weeks along. It's been a great time getting to chat with people again! I'd recommend this avenue to everyone!

You can do the opposite and just avoid Facebook then do a fun photo shoot as a "reveal" -- but I'm hoping that word-of-mouth and real interaction will come back "in style" -- like neon colors and when Mary Janes made their comeback!

1) Kind of Like Groundhog's Day: IF you MUST go straight to social media, try an April Fool's style prank to deflate those that troll your updates and to annoy those that cannot wait to find out the news! Post on Facebook for friends to guess the gender of your bambino at your 20 week ultrasound. After a big buildup...

 "Well, we're back from the doctor and we are more than happy to weclome....
...a baby to the family with open arms!!!

It's fun to break the news to them that you didn't find our the gender and they have 20 more weeks of guessing ahead! Better prognosis than more winter, right?!? If you're like us -- you'll save the Facebook post for your 20 week appointment -- half of my friends didn't even know I was expecting! (Though I had quite the "beer belly" by that point!)

So, whether you use social media or not, consider some of these ideas when you spill the beans. I really had a fun time toying with friends and family this time around, making memories, and embracing what could be my last time telling. You never know.... So have fun with it!

OH wait....didn't I tell YOU? If you hadn't guessed from the sudden topic of the post or any detail dropping that I've been doing on the blog or fan page... Or the fact that Travelin' with Baby started!!!

That's right! The second kiddo in the clan will make their debut around Christmas time! Surprise! Merry Christmas to us! Now we'd like to share the fun with another expectant mama and offer up this fun giveaway for a $35 code for Zoey's Attic! Enter below!

*Disclosure: We received a complimentary Zoey's Attic t-shirt and a complimentary lure from Sierra Metal Designs for this post. All opinions are our own.*


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