Flippin' for Fall: Adding the Personal Touch in Kid's Room Design [Tips + Review]

We've had the MOST fun with our son's room I think in this whole adventure! Every time we walk into his room, we're all smiles, looking at how fitting it is for his personality and how gorgeous it turned out!

We already talked about the color and how that starts to make things personal -- now we're talkin' some finishing touches to make the room look polished! Some accents like bedding and curtains are always a great place to start, but can be very expensive to get characters and name brands and all the things your children love.

Curtains are expensive but are pretty easy to take down and replace with the new favorite icons! Plus, they sun fade over the years, so they are something that changes frequently anyway. I found these on clearance and got four panels for $24. The poster came from a retail store and likely won't last long! The light switch cover was purchased on Ebay and by using the "best offer" feature, I think I saved around a dollar. So, that's what I settled on for purchasing items that are very temporary if the dragon thing is a phase.

We have found that inexpensive and easy accents work much better than opting for expensive bedding sets, big box room sets, and commercial room decor! Two tips that we'd love to share regarding this "theme" decorating technique are:

1) Removable Wall Decals like those available from RoomMates


2) Small throws and quilts like those handmade at Gough Goodies

We have a child that is completely obsessed with How to Train Your Dragon. For the longest time, when I'd tell him goodnight at bedtime, I'd say:

"You're the best little boy ever!" And he'd reply: "I'm not a boy, I'm the best baby dragon ever!"

True story. So it was no surprise that when we asked about his room decor, he wanted "Hiccup." Well, we set about trying to make his room very much like a dragon's lair, but also convertible, so that when he decides he loves Monster Jam or Paw Patrol or John Deere, we're able to change things without a ton of work and headache!

Throws & Quilts

The quilt has been a huge hit! Riley (who is the male maker of these awesome quilts) has such a great story to go with his vibrant, fun quilts! He started his quilting journey as a way to give a meaningful gift to his father who was wheelchair-bound from MS. Falling into quilting (and proving to be quite good at it) he makes these fun lap quilts for the Etsy shop AND during the holidays makes them for a low income senior center local to him, so that during the holidays they receive a gift when they otherwise may not! How touching and completely selfless is that? I wanted to extend a hug through the series of wires that connects me to his Etsy account! So, if you're in the market for some fun quilts for the holiday season (he also makes really cool quilted stockings) then head over to Etsy and show a small business with a big heart some love!

The quilt features blocks of brilliant blue and orange color with none other than Toothless, Hiccup, Meatlug and many other How to Train Your Dragon characters. The only thing that I would change (and only because I have a boy that loves the quilt and drags it everywhere) is the backing color is white. So I'd likely choose a heather gray or something a bit patterned so that he wouldn't be as likely to destroy it! Otherwise, the stitching is flawless, the design is fun and funky and it completely melted my heart to hear the story behind the shop!

(Please, no one worry! We have a king-size family bed right now while we get two mattresses to go on the bunks -- my child does NOT sleep on plywood!)

Removable (and affordable) Wall Decals

We always had the idea in our minds that when the time came, we'd decorate with wall decals. We are not big fans of wall paper (after having two experiences -- both bad -- trying to take it OFF) and we also didn't want to invest in Home Interiors/Taste of Home type decor that is rather expensive, albeit cute, only to take it down and bring it to a thrift store less than a year later when a new kids movie comes out!

So, we started our decal search. We obviously knew about Fathead from the incessant commercials that were everywhere the past year. So we looked into it. We were surprised by how expensive a SINGLE decal was! Right around $100 for the ones we looked at. Too much for our ever-changing child.

We walked the aisles of several big box stores. That is where we found our lead to what we ended up using -- RoomMates! Since they do not have outlandish commercials, the brand was not commonplace in our home. BUT...we really found the experience to be both easy and fun when we applied the How to Train Your Dragon decals to my son's walls.

We turned up the heat in the room a bit, so that the cold walls would take the decals easier. Well, I started the mission solo -- but after putting up a gigantic Toothless and using my creative eye more than my logistic one, I called hubby to come home for his morning break to help me! A second pair of eyes (and hands) never hurts! I under-estimated just a bit! Oops!

In fact, the only "oops" I made was that first one. The decals peel off easily and stay put well. (But and here's why we went this route -- they are totally removable without damage to the wall or much elbow grease). If you look at my collage, above right, the slight texturing on the wall actually looks like dragon skin when the decal is applied!

Not only did we find three different options for How to Train Your Dragon on the RoomMates site, we also found the price tag to be much more satisfying to our tight budget for decorating and more frivolous fun items. $14.49 seemed like something realistic -- considering the longevity of childhood "favorites!" So, for that price we didn't JUST get a big decal, but also some smaller ones to go with as well. For just $18.49 you are able to get giant versions of Toothless and Stormfly, plus the entire gang in smaller versions. So, with these three sets, which TOTAL less than the price of ONE decal in other places, you can decorate a whole room!

It was a little funny to reflect on how much life changes when you have kids. I was teaching preschool when the first How to Train Your Dragon movie hit theaters -- I remember thinking the movie sounded TERRIBLE and not really understanding the kids stories about the characters. Now, as I sat on the floor of my sons' room, five years later, I said to my husband:

"Okay, I think either Hookfang or Barf and Belch should go here. Could you hand them to me?"
I had to stop and laugh. But I'm excited to unveil our project (my son will be so surprised!) tonight when we have playtime in his "new" room! This is by far one of the easiest ways to decorate a room for a toddler. RoomMates has a plethora of characters and favorites to choose from for boys and girls! I even found quite a few that are on my wish list now for other rooms!

Have you had great experiences using small accents to create the finishing touch on your flipping projects? I'd love to hear about it!

*Disclosure: We were provided complimentary decals and a complimentary quilt for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own and we truly love these two brands.


  1. Great idea to use graphics, I actually know a lady that does custom work for super cheap! On the light switch, it's very easy to get some kind of paper- even wrapping paper- and glue it to a light switch. Super cheap and you can customize it for anything! We haven't done our kid's rooms yet since both my little ones still sleep in our room, but I'll definitely keep these ideas in mind!

  2. I like that the decals are removeable so when your kid grows out of them a makeover wouldn't be too hard.

  3. I also love removeable decals for decorating, particularly in the kids' roooms. It ends up being a reasonably priced "update" to the room!

  4. I love how wall decals can sometimes transform a room! We just scored an awesome deal on amazon for my little girls room! The purple flowers will look gorgeous!