Flippin' for Fall Series: Painting - Personalization in a Can!

We've finally passed the painting stage in our new home. We closed on the house in August (right after we got back from a month-long road trip to Alaska and across Western Canada). We were both still working pretty much full-time (or more than full-time for hubby) and I was finishing up my 2nd trimester.

Since August, we've been cleaning and painting and pretty much spending any spare moments fixing up and feathering our nest. Between work, weddings, birthdays, funerals, concerts, lessons, and sleep, it's taking a while to do all the work ourselves, but it's a fun family adventure!

We have found that painting had made our purchase our own personal palace. It's the same house, the same walls, the same studs and angles...but...with that new color and the fresh new smell, it seems like the house has taken on some of our personalities! From our experience, the best thing you can do to evict the vibes of the old owners that sometimes linger is to show off your style with some shellac!

This is my office. My "Mermaid Grotto." I didn't have a lot of creativity options because the prior owners used "wainscoting" on the lower half of the walls. It was in good shape and we didn't want a HUGE project here, so I just focused on the top half. I LOVED the Disney Metallic paint line -- I think it's a Glidden product, but I could be wrong there... Beware -- the colors are AMAZING and only sold by the quart, so it can be expensive if you decided to Disney-fy the whole house! And believe me...it's tempting!

Anyway, just painting 1/2 the room seemed to freshen up the space and gave me the exact feeling of tranquility and zen-like goodness that I wanted my space to have. This room is ALL mine! (Though there IS a crib in there right at the moment...) 

Our son ADORES green. So, we asked what color he wanted his new room and we were not surprised when he said "GREEN!" I took him to my relatives hardware store and we stormed the paint aisle. Within seconds he'd picked an alligator green color. I had to admit, I was pretty excited about it too -- he must get his wild streak from me! Everyone else (grandmas, aunts, dad...) had tried to talk us into a less vibrant hue but I said "it's his space, his choice." Honestly, it's one of the most beautiful rooms in our house now! [Full disclosure: getting rid of the fugly 70s carpet was a good move too!] We did NOT put in groovy space theme floor covering -- this was just the mat for under the laminate floor we purchased for him! 

So, the one place I might have failed us is the spare bedroom....a.k.a. the room where hubby sleeps when he gets kicked out of our family bed occasionally! It's his indoor space and where we put guests should be ever have them. The prior owners had old wallpaper that was peeling off, race car borders and race car curtains. There were also glow-in-the-dark star stickers on all of the fixtures and the wood trim. No one in our house is a big fan of red. We'd already done the boys' room in green, the master was blue from the last owners and so was my office now, and pinks/purples were out. No browns or neutrals because, well, to me, that's boring! So, what I had in mind was a mango or similar citrus color. What we found that what Valspar offered for a selection (the local hardware store down the street was who we wanted to give our business, and that is just the brand they use) disappointingly, for oranges and yellows was not huge. 

Well, funny as it sounds, the color is called "Just Ducky." That's sort of how I feel about this room. I think it's an upgrade from the past state it was in, BUT, it's not very calming and I just cannot make it anymore tame with accents...yet anyway! To add to the problem, hubby has old quilts and forty different "motifs" (if you can call them that) that he would like to impress upon the room. This one folks is likely to just become a hot mess. But, I'm staying hopeful! If you have suggestions of colors for rugs, decor, or curtains that could make this a little more appealing, I'm all ears!

Once again, everyone thought I was crazy. I don't really blame them after the Just Ducky debacle! BUT...I had my heart set on some more Disney metallic goodness for the kitchen. While at work, the fam (my parents and husband) caved and painted two walls in the kitchen the "Pixie Hollow" color I'd had mixed for the room. The photo isn't the same wall, but it shows the BEFORE white with sponge-painted pink over it and the AFTER a section of the wall that is adjacent to our pink/purple counters in Pixie Hollow green. We did 2/4 walls and I have to say, I flippin' love it! The two colors contrast well and it modernized the room from 1970 to sometime this decade! 

Metallic colors are so much fun. It took roughly two quarts to jazz up the kitchen. Somehow, my husband managed to get green paint INSIDE the dishwasher -- no idea how -- but, I know that the paint is bombproof, since we've run several cycles in the washer and the splotch is still there! These few paint strokes, man hours, and color changes have changed the mood of the entire home. If you do anything -- even if you don't mind the colors when you move in -- RE-PAINT! 

This article is just one in a series about our adventure flipping our new house this year! You can read all about it and make suggestions, too if you'd like! 

*Valspar, Glidden, Disney and any other brands mentioned in this post are in no way affiliated or partnered with us. We just wanted to let you know what we used, what worked, what didn't, etc. The brands likely do not even know they were mentioned here and we were not compensated in any way for mentioning them!


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