Flippin' for Fall Series: Where do you spend YOUR time? + Thrifting for the home!

Well you know if you've been following along that I'm "Flippin' for Fall!" My new house, that is. I'm not handy at all. I own a hammer and some finishing brads and screwdrivers, but I cannot measure to save my life (sadly, I was a personal trainer in college...so some ladies may have had incorrectly measured bust, waist, and hips...for that, I am eternally sorry....) Haha, but I leave all that to my husband for this one.

Our goal was to be absolutely moved in by Oct. 1st. Guess what? Yeah. We're not. But, we're glad to be doing it "the right way" -- or at least, what is right in our minds. You see, we currently squat on our family land in a house that was vacated when a new one was built. Pretty sweet deal. No deadlines (which can work against you too!) But, we're thankful for the flexibility. We didn't want to paint around our belongings. We've painted and we're done with that chapter...for now.

But something I considered during all of this is WHERE I spend my time. It wasn't the bedroom. Well, I sleep there. We snuggle there. BUT...truly where we find ourselves a lot is in the kitchen and in the bathroom! The kitchen was an area that needed a major overhaul. Most of that was achieved with paint, but I'm also proudly displaying a hummingbird collection that my late grandmother had and cherished. We didn't clear the shelves at Target and even though it may not be the trendiest kitchen, it warms my heart to be in there.

The next thing I realized when I thought about time spent in the home was that I really wanted to make it COZY -- I didn't want as many "knick knacks" and meaningless decorations in the "adult or family" rooms. I wanted family memories captured. It is something I call "Canadian Style." I have lots of friends in the northerly climes and when I visit I always love the sparse decoration I encounter. There just isnt' a lot of "flim flam" as my husband says. So again, our rooms aren't what you'd see on HGTV shows most of the time -- but I feel at home there and that is what's important!

I salvaged some favorites from college, some vintage furniture, thrifting scores, and just re-using items from others. I'm a HUGE fan of using the goods that are already in circulation in the human population, rather than constantly buying new. So here's what we "salvaged:"

- Leather hide-a-bed from the end of the neighbor's driveway (it had a few poke holes from a cat and a scuff. Really. That's all.) FREE!!

- Glider rocker from an old lady my dad knows that didn't want to throw it away - FREE!

- crazy table from college that extends TOWARD you for snacking or coloring, etc. FREE!

- Lamp from a friend! FREE!

- Chair from thrift store - reclines. Not free, $60 - but I love it!

Yes, we could buy new. But...why dip into the shallow budget when we can simply reuse? A little cleaning or maybe a screw here and there needing tightening and voila! Good as new and less stress on Mother Earth! Spending time in a room that makes me feel like a little better steward? Yes!

Where do YOU spend your time? I sleep a lot, but other than that, I do not "hang out" in my bedroom. However...I will be venturing into that topic, because you want that space to recharge your awesome to be zen-like. So stay tuned! I'd love to hear about YOUR DIY home improvement flippin' adventures!


  1. I am a thriftier as well! I just wish that I was good at upholstering. I'm sure I could make a treasure out of trash. Good idea about spending time to make over the rooms you spend the most time in.

  2. We spend most of our time in what was supposed to be the man cave. When I moved in with my now husband the room had unfinished walls and a bare concrete floor. My husband boxed in a shelf area and made it into a closet, he carpeted it and did the walls (all fairly cheaply). We had an extra set of furniture so my stuff went in there (free) and he build a rise for our computers in case the sump pump would ever stop. We've spent some money in recent years, we bought an electric fireplace on Black Friday last year for $150, and he bought a nice recliner. But I just love this room, it's cozy and cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We all love it!

  3. I absolutely love what you've done in these rooms. I'm not a thrifter by choice (we have a limited income) but it's always been that way, so my kids have been raised paying attention to prices, unit prices, what's really a sale, etc. They're 9 and 15, so it's funny to hear them. I agree that you get a more cozy feeling from thrifting as opposed to the sterile feeling of your house looking like a showroom.

  4. Wooo!! I love thrifting and rummaging!! So many amazing finds and pieces that may just need a little love!! Plus I think it gives your home some character!

  5. We spend most of our time in the living room. It needs a serious makeover. I would rather go to yard sales and thrift stores than any furniture store. You can find the coolest things!