Halftime -- Cutting my Lunch Prep time by MORE than half! [Review!]

Do you pack lunches? I pack them for my son AND my husband. I used to love it. Being in my third trimester, the extra three minutes on my feet kills me these days!

Enter: Halftime! My personal lifesaver! 

We all know Lunchables from our childhood. This is similar -- but good for your kids (or your husband....)

What included?

- meat and cheese and crackers [Applegate organic meats]
- Stonyfield organic yogurt tube
- Annies Natural Fruit Snacks

Yes. A completely organic experience that takes about five seconds to pack!

We tasted the Bologna, Turkey, and Ham varieties and there is not a crumb left of any of them! We also got a reusable lunch bag and markers -- so that is my hubby's new Half Time portable bag and my son had a great time doodling on it!

Want to try a Half Time kit yourself? Enter below!


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