#Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Stand-on Tandem Stroller [review]

I'm gushing over the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight tandem stroller that we were able to try out this autumn. I've finally been able to compile my thoughts and sit down (instead of boppin' around town, strolling) and share some of the awesome features with all of you! 

I know there are a TON of pregnant mamas in my area which means many will be looking for a stroller to accommodate two little ones soon! There are so many reasons why I'd recommend the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight, but since I know many of you read at nap time, I'll condense it down so that you can fall in love too, before baby #1 awakens! 

I am NOT our assembly line guru in the house. Most things that say "some assembly required" simply translates to: "hubby has a task for the evening." I wanted to try to challenge myself this summer and I've been at least attempting assembly of all that requires any effort. This stroller was reasonably easy to assemble. I did need his help with the wheels to make sure we weren't rolling down the sidewalk and mom's faulty assembly caused an accident! Caveat: I would have been able to do it ALL myself had I realized there were written instructions with the ordered pictures. I didn't see the second booklet was different than the one I had and had to wrestle through assembly Pictionary for some of the more intricate work BUT it was pretty fun!

The great news for many car seat owners is that the Caboose Too Ultralight fits over TWO DOZEN car seats with the (nearly) universal adapter -- sadly, our Baby Trend Columbia was not one of these. So, we're in the market for a new car seat to go with our new Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight, but it still rocks to know that we have a plethora of choices! Check out the handy chart that the folks at Joovy have for you to reference and make sure yours will fit -- it's on the right-hand side and is labeled "Car Seat Compatibility."

Size-wise, the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight rocks because it's much more compact than a typical double stroller. My single jogger doesn't even provide the streamline, suitcase-style fold-up that the Caboose Too does! The fact that it is so compact makes it sensible for using with just one child as well, which also offers up space elsewhere from storing other gear! It's a very good multi-purpose option. Another consideration is that some tandem models from other brands require some parts removal to fold-down the stroller. This would be a nightmare for air travel -- being in one piece means this is the stroller to take to Disney!

I didn't realize the shade would cover both kiddos. I LOVE this feature and hadn't even considered it when thinking about what I wanted in a tandem stroller. Genius! It's really a high quality set-up -- the shade for one of our car seat carriers got mangled in about four months from constant use and I don't see that happening to this one.

The only thing we didn't love was that this is a town and city only stroller. If you have paved streets and sidewalks, you're set! We are often compelled to take the path less-traveled vs. the path of least resistance, so this was one of the only things that we noticed was a bit prohibitive with the Caboose Too Ultralight. Dirt roads, grassy yards, and trails unknown must be left for another day and another stroller (or backpack carrier!)

YOU can get your own Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight at many different websites and retailers, including the Joovy site -- or use their handy Store Locator to find someplace convenient for you! Amazon, Babies R US, and Diapers.com are great places to look too! Most sites prices are from $249.99 for the Caboose Too Ultralight. Please, ask if you have questions for me!

Disclosure: My family is part of the Joovy Brand Ambassador program and received a complimentary product for the purposes of the review here and elsewhere. All opinions are our own and we were not compensated in any other way.

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  1. Great review and good to know about the "path less traveled" for those parents who take those paths. Loved that it fits quite a variety of car seats as well. This would have been perfect for me when my toddler was a baby.