One Thing I Cannot Share with My Husband

Marriage is for sharing, right? Well, I just cannot bring myself to do it this time. Normally, I will count my husband in. Admittedly, not always as an equal partner, but I at least cut him into things most times. Well, this time, I'm keeping it to myself. I'm cheating and I'm not letting him in on it.

Why you might ask? Well, the new Stonyfield Petite Creme is my new favorite little indulgence. I'm cheating on Greek. I'm not a big fan of Greek, you see, so this is the best thing that I've discovered in a while. It's got a lot of the same properties as Greek yogurt, but the taste is much, much better! My husband, luckily likes Greek yogurt, so he can keep on eating that while I keep these little treats for myself!

Petite Creme is actually a soft cheese! Somehow, when I think of it as such, I like it a little less in my mind, so I stick to calling it Petite Creme. The lunacy of the mind, no? Well, the second thing that I have going is pregnancy cravings AND Gestational Diabetes. What a combo, right? Ugh!

Have you tried Greek's new French Cousin? I'm lovin' it! And totally freaking out because my stores do not have them stocked yet! Thanks to the Stonyfield website though, every store that has a food section within 50 miles has gotten a notice that I'd love to see it stocked. Oh yes, I'm a busy bee! Haha!

*Disclosure: I am a Stonyfield Yo-Getter. This doesn't change my new obsession with cheating on Greek. I love the new Petite Creme. I was not compensated in any way other than getting a few tubs of the new stuff to try.*


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