Our Road Trip Secret Weapon - [Review]

If I would have anticipated the reaction my son would have when we showed him that we had a PAW Patrol DVD for him to watch, I would have had the video camera ready. 

You see, it was "Do you see the cows?" All through North Dakota. 

Then, "Oh look! Mountains!" Through Western Canada.

Finally, we exclaimed, "There's the ocean, buddy!" 

This was fine for the first 40 hours in the car. Then we had a few weeks of in and out, in and out on the Alaska Marine Highway ferry system. That occupied our kiddo too. It was the return trip (and likely memories of Saskatchewan and the Dakotas) that had our son stir crazy.

Giddy is the only word that comes close to how enthusiastically a three-year-old can act while strapped in a five-point harness in the backseat. He wiggled and squealed and clapped. And then he was silent for the next two hours. Other than the catchy opening theme and occasional lines from the characters, we didn't hear a peep.

Knowing we had 6100 miles in store total, which is roughly a 47 hour one-way road trip--so almost 100 hours strapped in the car--we saved this little shiny disc as our secret weapon. It wasn't debuted until day 31 of the trip! We are so glad that we held off -- it worked it's magic, even across the plains of Southern Saskatchewan and North Dakota. 

Being a mom, at least for me, there is little I find harder than holding onto a gift or token for my kiddo. It's even worse when I know he'll love it. I wanted so many times to be like "look what mommy got you!!!!" But, ever a diligent secret-keeper, I withheld this from him. 

The moral of this crazy story? You NEED something major to get your through a long road trip. Pre-K kids are actually a lot easier to entertain than the older ones -- they don't have a great handle on time, other than marking it by night and day, mealtimes, and maybe naps. A DVD is more than adequate to whet their curiosity for a bit.

What we LOVE about PAW Patrol:
- targeted at his age (unlike SpongeBob, it isn't crude and is often cute!)
- some learning involved - whether just new vocab or a loosely based moral
- bright and sunny, not dark at all (we rarely need to provide guidance with these episodes)

The PAW Patrol DVD by Nickelodeon Kids is great for a road trip distraction! My advice to you? Figure out what your kids LOVE to watch but RARELY get to see. Then buy it for your next road trip. This DVD retails currently from the Nickelodeon Shop for just $9.96 -- worth it's weight in the blessed silence we had for our return trip! 

Disclosure: We were provided a complimentary DVD copy of the new PAW Patrol cartoon release. We were not compensated in any other way. 


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