Travelin' with Baby - Spotlight on Boba [review]

First off, I have to thank my friend Liz for letting me borrow her baby to dig out my Boba 3g and give it a go while 30 weeks pregnant! Surprisingly, it was still really secure and comfortable for me to carry a small baby even with the not-so-small bump. What made it so cozy? Well, likely the fact that I was taking my new Boba Hoodie for a test-drive (walk) too!

One of the things we love to do this time of year -- a strange but favorite fall pass-times is to walk through our tree farm. The reason we walk through is to exercise, look for upland birds, and of course to scope out any candidates for that perfect Christmas tree!

It seemed like a great opportunity (since my bundle will not be here until December) to use the Boba hoodie during a chilly fall afternoon! When the baby does arrive though, I'm more than excited to do my grocery shopping hands free -- and without worry of the chills from the freezer aisle and produce area! (The grocery store was my favorite place to wear my son who is still within the weight limits but just too darn big and wiggly for me to carry -- not to mention that he walks just fine if he puts his mind to it!)

Boba makes hoodies and vests now to provide that extra bit of comfort for you and your little one. I dug around but couldn't locate a photo (and I'd have been ashamed to post it anyway) for a picture of my husband wearing our son in a dreaded crotch dangler! That isn't the point of my search though, all that was real visible were two little pj feet sticking out from a bursting, buttoned overshirt. We have been in the market for something like this hoodie for years!

*Please note - this is JUST an overshirt for a carrier that we already own. If you do not own a Boba or another similar carrier you will not have a proper support system for carrying your baby/child!*

What we love:

- The front of the hoodie has a "viewing hole" for baby to still see around
- The fit, weight and coverage of the hoodie is excellent -- I went a tad on the "big side" planning to accommodate carrying a toddler again
- Thumbholes! We love them! Enough said! 
- hidden zipper for access/self-loading without needing assistance!
- front and back use
- the presence of the hood -- baby is snug, you should be too!

What could rock more:

- For right now they come in gray and black. I do not know if Boba has plans to expand the Vest/Hoodie color/pattern stash. 

- Men's sizes. My XL fits me well pregnant and would fit my husband in a pinch but not comfortably. I'd love to see a men's line that has some more roomy styles for men that wear proudly!

- The fabric strip in between the wearers' neck and the baby's head can get a little constrictive if you do not have it adjusted well. With a tug and pull here and there it becomes comfortable again. I'm a freak about tight necklines, so I am also likely more sensitive to the slightest thing!

One lucky travelin' reader can win a Boba VEST to go over their carrier (color/size up to you) by entering to win over at the Travelin' with Baby post! The VEST is courtesy of Boba and I send a great big thank you to them for sponsoring the fun event!

Disclosure: We received a complimentary Boba Hoodie for the purposes of this review and event. All opinions are our own. 


  1. Oh I would love one of these. I am sure my husband would too! Great colors to choose from and I love the thumbholes!! Looks very comfortable! :)

  2. This is a big step up over wearing a huge sized jacket like I did last winter.