Travelin' with Baby - Spotlight on Phil & Teds Nest [review]

Our son was not a pack 'n' play napper. At Granny's house mom always had to surrender at least an hour to laying in bed during naps and then barracading the child with pillows and noodles under sheets and all sorts of other crazy ways to try to keep him safe while napping. High maintenance? Yes!

So, for this kiddo, I've been researching options for safe alternatives to killing my afternoon, pack 'n' play sleep (which I'm anticipating will not work again) and the gigantic crib. Phil & Ted's -- trusted name for everything from sleeping and eating to strolling and playing solutions for kids had the answer for me! The Nest!

The fact that I was able to erect this thing in less than 15 seconds without even glancing at the directions AND feel comfortable with my end result (enough to put a child in it) speaks volumes for the product! The website says you can do it in ten, so I must be a little slow. I didn't sit on the floor trying to beat my personal best time--we'll save that for one of those days when I'm losing it. Even if it takes under a minute -- that's amazing, speedy, and totally convenient!

The "poles" are pre-attached on one end and the loose end simply sticks into a corresponding hole. That's it. It's easier than the "easy up" tents for adult campers -- those often need a good dose of humor to succeed. And I generally pinch my fingers. Those are for the birds. The Nest however is the best idea ever and suits me just fine!

It was "cool" enough that my nearly four year old son wanted to sleep in it -- though he wasn't allowed to try, since he is too big!

Another great feature is the carrying case is double sided and can be a dual purpose bag. It has one side meant for The Nest (and it actually fits back into the case without a fight) and the other side leaves room for lovies, blankets, clothing...whatever you might want to stow for the little one while traveling!

The Nest would fit into SOME luggage without taking up the whole case. I'm not sure if this is carry-on acceptable, since sometimes baby gear is not subject to the same conditions that regular baggage is. The Nest is meant for SMALL children--babies. The mattress and bottom are firm so you need not worry about it being too soft and cushy. They also sell sheets that are removable and washable if that's something you decide you need. The mesh top makes it breathable and in areas like where we live -- keeps insects out! (We will be using ours a ton outside!)

ONE reader will get the chance to test out The Nest for themselves! I'm giving one away (sponsored by Phil & Teds) as part of my Travelin' with Baby package! Enter by going to the main link or clicking here. Many thanks to Phil & Ted's!!!

Disclosure: We received a complimentary Nest for this post and event. 


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