Travelin' with Baby - Spotlight on The Bedwetting Store [review]

Have you had one of those terrible, awful, really bad moments while traveling when you awake to find that there is a child-sized puddle in the bed? Has it ever been on vacation? (raises her hand...)

Yes. Our trip to Alaska this summer was met with ear infection trouble on the 3rd of July. We had a King Suite at a Super 8 and the hotel staff was WONDERFUL when we requested new bedding at 11 p.m. -- due to a fever-induced puke fest. We went to the ER. At about 3 a.m. after the fever was down and Tylenol was staying down, things were looking up, it happened again. Seriously. You cannot help these things, but we felt awful.

To make matters worse, there were only two king suites in the whole hotel, so we were now down to ZERO clean bedding sets. So we limped by with a Queen, just to cover the bed and get back to sleep. It wasn't pee THIS TIME -- but it was still one of those travel moments when I was wishing I would have planned better. I know you cannot plan (or prevent) viruses, infections or even bedwetting, but from now on, we travel with a waterproof mat to slip onto our bed before we go to sleep.

I did some research after our trip -- and it turns out SOME hotels expect you to pay "damages" -- like mattress replacement. For us, that would be a hefty hit to the travel budget! I would understand if the damage was from an intoxicated adult-aged hockey team soiling their beds or pets or something, but I thought it was a little extreme to find that some housekeeping policies apply to children's accidents!

Enter The Bedwetting Store. This place has everything you need for travel, home and in-between -- like trips to Grandma's to be assured that you won't have any embarrassing travel moments or damages from accidents. We tried out a King Size Premium Mattress Protector by Dry Defender from The Bedwetting Store.

We love that it's not like rolling around on crinkly paper and it's much more comfortable than the old-school vinyl of yesteryear. It's thin and ultra packable for when we travel (since we nearly always have a king and still continue the family bed lifestyle, even when on the road. It's discreet and looks like any other mattress cover -- so for kids, sleepovers, those kinds of situations, there is no reason for kids to be embarrassed!

We are also confident that our mattress will be better preserved and we'll worry less about mites and germs, liquids, dust and all sorts of other things that ruin nice mattresses! There is also a 10 year warranty, so you're able to rest assured (pardon the pun) that you'll be covered in this investment!

You can enter to win a "Blue Sky Washable Underpad" over at my Travelin' with Baby entry post! This will help you travel with ease and assurance that you won't be paying any damage fees in hotels or annoying the in-laws! You can even use it to help preserve your home mattress! Good luck and a big THANKS to The Bedwetting Store for being a Travelin' with Baby sponsor!

*Disclosure: We received a complimentary mattress protector for the purposes of this post and event. All opinions are our own.*


  1. Oh how nice!! I am so hesitant to buy waterproof mattress protectors because of the way it feels when you lay down on them, but I am glad this brand doesn't have the crinkle effect to it! This item would help so much when traveling!

  2. My son took a really long time to be night time potty trained and we thought we had it under control until we visited our inlaws and he ruined their mattress :( something like this would be nice to have now that y daughter is "almost" potty trained, except at night!

  3. This seems like it would come in really handy! I love that it is soft and not crunchy!

  4. I love that it's washable so it's not so tough on the environment.