A Diaper Easy for Dads: Diaper Safari Spotlight + [review]

You may have given notice to Diaper Safari as part of my 2014 Merry Fluffy Christmas grouping -- or you may have heard of them from another blogger that loves trying, finding, and falling in love with new cloth diapering brands. If you are new to cloth or haven't heard of them, pay attention! We found Diaper Safari this fall and have since realized this is the perfect "dad diaper."

Now a "dad diaper" doesn't necessarily have to be for dads. It can be perfect for daycare, grandparents, or baby sitters. The point of the "dad diaper" is that it is easy and functional. Our initial go-to dad diapers were Fuzzibunz. But, the Perfect Size diapers are no more and the stash we had built from three years ago is pretty well-loved. So, we are replacing diapers in our "dad" stash.

Enter: Diaper Safari. 

Since my husband is out of practice well, lets just say it -- we're BOTH out of practice! I wanted to make this 2nd-timer journey as easy for him as possible. This is my strategy to hope for the most possible help from him while we're getting used to life as FOUR.

We love the sleeve-like cover -- it's open on both ends for big hands (like dad and grandpa) to be able to navigate the world of inserts! I prefer a snap on one or both ends so that it stays in place, but I know most of the time on the diapers with this feature, my husband misses it unless I've pre-stuffed for him. So, the extra snap is not necessary for a good "dad diaper!"

The economics are there. Diaper Safari's website sells other brands as well, but for a super economical price, these covers (and inserts) are a wise choice. While it's nice to have some primo fluff in your stash, the majority of ours remains "dad diapers" because I am a control freak and if I'm spending upwards of $30 on a diaper, I want it to stay away from DAD et. al.!! Diaper Safari sells their covers for a very affordable price and often runs sales - like B1G1 and such! Wahoo!

One-Size covers will cover your kid for most of their potty journey. We were lucky with #1 -- he potty trained like a champ, so OS diapers were what the majority of our stash consisted of. We also didn't decide to use cloth until about two months in, eliminating the smalls and newborn sizes. (Not that he ever WAS newborn size!) But, we've found one-size are GREAT for the "middle" part of cloth diapering. We do have a few toddler size diapers that I LOVE but en masse? One size for sure.

So what would we change?

1) add a snap-in insert option
2) double gussets are ALWAYS awesome

That's about it. We love the diaper. We like it best with a tri-fold insert. The added layers made with folding help for the little ones that wet constantly. Oh--we also LOVE the cute patterns! We have both a hippo and a lion and they are simple, unisex and adorable! So, this is not a brand to overlook -- get online and do a little looking to find the color and insert best for your diapering dad and try one out!

Disclosure: We received a complimentary review product for this article. Our opinions are our own. No further compensation was rendered.


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