Holly Jolly Holiday Gift Guide 2014 ~ Spotlight on Cariloha

Everyone loves pampering. I bet there is SOMEONE on your list this year that would love a little pampering in fact! I'm that person on everyone's lists in my life! Being pregnant and nearing the end of the last days of the third trimester, I may have a bias opinion, but I think I deserve a little pampering!

I'm still really loving my Cozy Socks -- a great stocking stuffer for those that want the spa treatment at home! We are cuddled up snug as a bug in our bamboo sheets each night, and I'm dreaming of everything -- not just sugar plums but also chocolate cakes, ice cream, and all the carbs of the world that I will be enjoying again when Gestational Diabetes is a thing of my past!

Cariloha has more than sheets -- they have amazing RESORT SHEETS rumored to be better than ever before AND an entire line of clothing that is bamboo-rific for men and women! There's also some functional gifting options which I adore -- I'm the person in the gift exchange that wants a gift I can USE! Enter the Bamboo Bath mat. Wowza. It is like being at a resort spa everyday as I step out of the shower onto my new bamboo mat.

Starting at just $34.00 it's a great gifting option for someone in the family that like me, loves function in a gift, not always frivolity! It really feels like stepping onto memory foam - in fact, I can always see my squeaky clean little footprints while drying off. I've always been a fan of bath mats similar to what hotels use (especially the nice hotels and resorts) rather than the shaggy ones from big box stores and just throwing a towel down. In our new bathroom, it's especially important because we have very slick tile -- not great for kids! So the bath mat is a great gift for moms like me! Husbands -- take note! Wives will be impressed with this choice, believe me!

Since the new baby is coming for the holidays and I've been wondering just what in the world caused the recent baby boom in my area at least - I got thinking about functional gifts for new mamas as well. Cariloha makes an excellent absolutely plush, insanely soft (like indescribable, blow-your-mind-soft) throw blanket that everyone from grandma to mom to baby or a boss you really need to kiss up to would love! Haha! Maybe not the boss...they'd love it but my boss gets a cheap box of chocolates -- this blanket is all mine!

I have been daydreaming about rockin' the new bambino in my little rocking chair in the wee hours of the night with this blanket tucked all around us. It's a serene daydream -- I'm sure it will more than likely involve crying and bleary-eyed head-nodding and maybe some spit up in REAL life. BUT, it will surely include warmth and cuddles under this luxurious throw. I wish that you could rub your screen and feel the blanket. I want to share just how soft it is but there are just NO WORDS. Really. The softest blanket I've ever encountered and I'm lovin' it! You (or a loved one) will too!

It is $119.00 but is something that I'd say completely resonates price for quality. The color (Ocean Blue) is what we ordered and was true to the color represented on the website -- always nice when gifting and hoping for the best! The size is perfect for one person -- or one big person and a few little kiddos huddled underneath, watching movies and cuddling!

I actually love to do my writing in my office under the blanket. It's the only room in our new home that the heat register is for looks, not function. It's on the list to get fixed, but my "honey-do" list is extensive, and my husband is handy but not with the electrical stuff, so for now, I use a portable heater and my handy blanket. Again, you cannot underestimate function when considering gifts!

Bamboo is a super choice for even the toughest recipients! Hypoallergenic and sustainable, you can work with the sneezers and the tree huggers. My grandma has Fibromyalgia and she'd be able to be excited about this blanket. I'm a greenie and I love the use of bamboo -- for more than diapers! I've not encountered anything from Cariloha that I do not love. Let others see how much you care, if you're gifting, consider these rockin' ideas that will not simply be cast aside after opening or re-gifted at an office party! These gifts rock.

Disclosure: I partnered with Cariloha and received complimentary product for the purposes of this post and the gift-giving season. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated in any other way. 

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  1. they carry so many nice items. their bath sets look great