The Song Awaken Love: A Couple's Devotional [Book Review]

This admittedly is a part of the good book I'd never heard of. Song of Solomon? Nope. But, if it's not Exodus or Psalms or a more commonly quoted chapter, I'm pretty oblivious. Different versions? You lost me. So it was enlightening and really just a great experience for me as a Christian wife to read this thin, easy-reader book.

I like that this book is broken down into modern language and very small, digestible parts. I guess it's meant to be that way - like an "activity book" of sorts. Instead of mazes and crosswords though, there are challenges, homework assignments to tackle with or for or in relation to your partner. Some are simple - others if you've lost your way (or are out of practice) seem impossible.

There are daily prayer points and relationship insights that stem from Song of Solomon that is designed to be a 6-week course but makes it really easy to focus at least a tiny bit of time on your relationship each day. That alone is a HUGE benefit -- at least for us! I feel like I've been a relationship ninja lately -- secretly trying to slip in these devotional tidbits that I'm learning, refreshing, reminding myself of... Is it working? I don't know. I still have days when I want to kill my beloved husband (I'm exaggerating, of course) but there are other times when I am thankful, mindfully thankful for him as well.

I'm part of a moms group and one idea there was to go home and ask your husband "What brought you joy today?" Now if I were to say that when my husband walked through the door, he'd probably ask in return: "Who brought you drugs today?" Because it would just be entirely out of character. We've fallen into a funk, it's true. Sadly, with #2 on the verge of arriving, we'll find joy of course in the bundle, but the relationship and couples skill-building will be put on hold -- again.

So, back to the book... To put it bluntly, I like that the author is speaking from a fresh stance but from a vintage perspective. It's not an old moldy relationship expert droning on about the inter-workings of a relationship. Rather, it's a well-known pastor and author (Kyle Idleman) that is not far from my own age that is very direct and humorous in his delivery. And yes, it's a movie too!

Now, the trick will be getting my husband to read this little book as well! It IS for couples, after all! There are sessions available for churches, pastors, movies, DVD lessons and so much more that all fall under the "Awaken Love" category -- there are other courses from Kyle Idleman as well, all found at City on a Hill's website.

Disclosure: As part of Flyby Promotions, I received a complimentary copy of the book for the purposes of using it to write this article. No further compensation was received. Thank you.


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