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One Question to Ask Your Child Tonight [and How it Changed My Parenting]

My son at four just doesn't quite "get" this question. He says things like "about when you give me treats." Or "about my animals." So this topic took me days and re-wording and leading thoughts to get answers from him. I think it's adorable that he prefaces everything with "about."

The first time I asked I got the above answers. Instead of days, I let this one stew for two months. Just as an experiment in growth and development. In two short months the answer changed to:

"Hmmm. By playing with me in my room."

I was excited that he's growing so smart. Developing well. Saddened that even before five years old, TIME...MY time was what he wanted and also what he must be missing, even as I type this. (For that very reason I'm keeping it short!)

I think that a LOT of children will have a similar answer, relating to time with their parents. So for THAT reason too, this will be short.

Take the time today. (And the last reason I'll keep it short is that it's my youngest son's birthday!!)

Make your children FEEL loved. When you next ask them "How can I help you feel loved?" They might just tell you over your morning coffee and yogurt that they DO feel loved. Keep doing what you're doing mom... That's my perfect scenario anyway!

So we're off to the kitchen table, to put sprinkles on our Oh My Yog! and devour a birthday treat this morning. I'm giving him (and his big brother) my TIME today. Undivided and unconditionally.

Disclosure: This post was made possible by Stonyfield Organics.

Countdown to Christmas: Family Holiday Book Activity

We love the *idea* of the Advent calendar. Though we're spiritual, we're not doing anything to do with the season of Advent in the religious realm--for lack of our own knowledge and experience! We do want to do some kind of fun count down until Christmas though. So we decided with very young kids that we'd do a book time countdown.

25 Holiday or Winter Themed Books - Sources

You'll want to start working on this a little ahead of time. It's not terribly difficult to find 25 titles that are holiday-themed, BUT if you want to find secondhand books or neat vintage titles, you'll need more time. I use our schools "book orders" from Scholastic Book Clubs to get some of the newest, eye-catching titles (especially if they are in the $1-$2 range, since we do not pay shipping with that program.)

Amazon will get you almost anything you'd like -- I ordered "Secrets of Winter" -- an Usborne book that was (at the time) out of stock. I found it overseas and had it in a reasonable amount of time for the same price or less than my consultant listed it for -- I also didn't have a guarantee it would be back in print by Christmas, so I wasn't taking any chances!

I love perusing second hand stores. It's part of my greenie personality I suppose, but all of those books with no homes... It's like the Island of Misfit Toys! But books! I've found some pristine copies of books by Jan Brett (usually a family favorite), some truly nostalgic vintage titles -- such as The Sweet Smell of Christmas (a childhood fave!) I've heard this book has had a new reprint and can be found at Walmart, but holding an original copy is fantastic! (Though the smells are almost all gone...) My best thrifty find was Merry Christmas Curious George. I got a hardcover copy for $2.00 at a thrift store and was just about to check out the day before from Amazon with the title for over $15!

Another option that we love is getting a personalized book each year. I See Me! books has many options for holiday giving. There is something about a child being a part of the story makes them so excited! My son's eyes light up when he hears his name, the names of family members and pets, and has all of those details intertwined into a classic like 'Twas the Night Before Christmas or even a fun new story about their own Christmas fun. Not just for the Christmas season, you can get books for your little princess or pirate with their own name in several different storylines with details like their pets, family and other fun personal touches that really make the story special!

Though you could do this with JUST a Christmas theme, we do more of a winter/holiday theme. The first book that is always opened each year is Turkey Claus -- to sort of blend the transition from Thanksgiving to the holiday season. We added to our reading fun this year a great wintry title by Angela Muse called The Christmas Owl. It's a great story about the goodwill of the season with a winterscape and nature-loving touch. Beautiful rhyming words and illustrations paint an amazing story for kids of all ages that adults will love to read.

A cultural theme is also a great option for this activity.

25 Days of Christmas Books in Action

So to make this work, simply wrap 25 holiday-themed books (or more -- we put one or two books in one wrapped package if they are particularly short reads). Label them 1-25 and open them on the corresponding night each day in December. I keep a list, just so I know when long stories are on deck to prepare enough time for bedtime story time. We love this idea since the kids NEVER bug us about gifts under the tree -- they are getting to unwrap something each day. We use newspaper when we have it around, to reuse paper material. We have one tote that at the end of each holiday season we pack up with all of the books and put away for the next year. This way the kids aren't reading them a dozen times each month and they are more special come December! We usually dig out the tote and decide if we want to replace any titles with a different option. This is a fun time to schedule a book swap with other friends and get and give books, get the kids together, and have coffee with other moms!

Some of Our Favorites

Turkey Claus
Baby Kermit's Christmas
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Olive the Other Reindeer
The Christmas Owl
Yule Tomte and the Little Rabbits
Pete the Cat Saves Christmas
The Christmas Cats
Santa Cat
A Very Marley Christmas
Bear Stays Up For Christmas
The Tomten
The Tomten's Christmas Porridge
12 Days of Yule
Christmas at Grandma's
Secrets of Winter
Christmas Bear
A Christmas Wish for Corduroy 
The Pups Save Christmas!
Merry Christmas, Splat!
Snowy Day
Merry Christmas, Curious George!
The Sweet Smell of Christmas
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
The Dinosaur's Night Before Christmas
The Christmas Wish
The Wild Christmas Reindeer

Disclosure: One or more books in this post were complimentary copies that we received to facilitate this article and enjoy for our our Christmas countdown activity. All opinions are my own.

Because Everyday is Like I'm at the Spa

Few things can transport me to another place when children are hanging on my ankles, screaming, singing renditions of several songs mashed up into a strange new cover, and general chaos is afoot. One of those things is coffee. Another is chocolate. Big surprise there, right? Of course a good beer or a back rub doesn't hurt either. But for the early morning escape -- you know long before it's considered appropriate to have a glass or wine or copious amounts of chocolate...

Her Interactive - Nancy Drew Fans Unite!

I have a little bit of escape every night -- chocolate. Then after chocolate, once the kids are in bed, I generally scan Facebook and watch an episode of Big Bang Theory or some other mindless TV watching for just a bit. THEN comes the true treat: a little gaming!

What Goes Best With Granola?

Well, if you said chocolate, I'd have to give you credit. Chocolate goes with everything! But, we're not talking chocolate today. What we've been experimenting with in our family (again) is healthier eating with an emphasis on healthier snacking!

He Likes it HOT!! The PERFECT dad gift!

The Monthly Pepper Box may just be the best thing my husband gets this year! He loves hot sauces and spices and eating raw peppers. He's also nuts! But, I love him, and so I try to keep him in pepper sauces and spices! I also make it a little game to see just how hot and zany I can find in sauces and peppers to see if I can make his eyes water a bit! Maybe we're both crazy! 

Your best friend in the pursuit of all things hot sauce, Monthly Pepper Box is like having a miniature hot sauce festival delivered to your door every month. Each month discover three bottles of artisan hot sauces for only $22. 

Get 10% off your membership (Gift & Ongoing) at Monthly Pepper Box. Make dads (or moms) happy with this perfect addition under the tree or in a stocking. (Does anyone have KIDS that love pepper sauces?) Mine think ketsup is spicy and they get it from ME! And for the record...some ketsup IS spicy! 

My readers get to save! 10% off Gift Membership or Ongoing Subscription signup - Use code: 10HOLIDAY

Disclosure: I wrote this post in a partnership with US Family Guides and Monthly Pepper Box.

Shutterfly and Stonyfield: Making Memories

When my first child was born, I was so organized. I didn't feel like I had any "spare" time, but oh how wrong I was! Having two children is a game changer. Our friends that have three say "that third one you never recover from!" I also have a friend with five kids and she seems like the most "together" person in the world. The conclusion I came to is this: enjoy the moments, do your best, this is YOUR journey.

Since my youngest is approaching a year, I should be doing whatever it is one does with fondant to make a brilliant cake. I should be making said cake from scratch. My house should be spotless for the company that will be coming over. I should have the perfect gifts. Maybe a little DVD put together of favorite pictures of his first year.

Well, I don't have any of that going on. I have a semi-clean, well-diapered, fed and happy baby. And a disgruntled preschooler who wasn't able to go to The Good Dinosaur because of the weather tonight. So what did I do to get a grip on our crazy life in that moment?

I sat the baby in the high chair. The big boy at the table. I gave them both a yogurt and I went to work making the first birthday invitations. Granted, they won't arrive until a few days before the party -- so they are almost entirely superficial. I have already invited people by word of mouth. BUT, at least I'll have those adorable invites for posterity sake! Thanks to Shutterfly, when I look back on this time and see that invite with my baby's beautiful blues pasted into the baby book, I won't remember the harried way life was. I'll just look at his gorgeous plump little cheeks and want all this chaos back.

I'm not going to keep comparing myself to my FORMER self or any other moms out there. This is my story, to write and record on my own, with my beautiful boys and a little help once in a while from Shutterfly and Stonyfield! Maybe I'll make a calendar next, to try and keep life sorted out in the New Year! (Or a more practical item for ME -- a customized blanket with my lovies faces on it to snuggle all the time!)

Disclosure: I received a yogurt coupons and a promotional code for $20 off from I was responsible for costs beyond the code and shipping.

Making Santa as Real as Can Be - Magical Holidays for Kids

My son is almost five. What?! How did that happen so quickly? When this blog started he was tiny. We've grown together. Now that he's finally aware of Christmas and Santa and reindeer and so many things in this life, he's also asking questions. I feel like it's too early for the onslaught of "is this real?" "Is that real?" coming from his little mouth. I want to say --

"Enjoy it! No matter what, just sit back, enjoy it and be a kid!"

Precocious though he is, this year I'm trying a few antics and pulling out the stops to make the holiday season magical. Maybe it's not really pulling out all of the stops...maybe it's just trying. Either way, we're doing it up this year! To make matters a little more stressful and to make me a little more harried, we also have a one year old to celebrate during the holiday season. So without going out and buying an Elf for my already cluttered shelf, how will I pull this off?

Christmas is in my heart. Yes, I make sure to put the true meaning of Christmas into our lives during this time of year. But I love it all. The carols and the hymns. I love the lights. I even love the snow more than any Norse girl should be allowed. We cut a real tree. We watch Christmas movies and we have an advent calendar. We have 25 days of Christmas books. So what can top all of the already festive fun for our family?

I found out about Portable North Pole and I'm so stoked! Santa only needs a few "inputs" of information from you to make a video message that is tailor made for your child. I have the GoPro ready and I'm so excited to get our first video for my older son. I know this will keep him curious, ignite his little heart with glee and magic and all the sparkly, twinkling fun that comes with being an innocent during the holiday season.

I will of course update you all about how this venture goes for us as well. We'll be penning our letter to Santa tomorrow and mailing it in, so that when we get our video, the stage will have been set perfectly! Are you looking to bring some magic back to the holiday season? Do you have slightly older kids that need to be shocked back into that age of wonder and excitement? Portable North Pole could be just what you're looking for!


Disclosure: I wrote this post in a partnership with US Family Guides and Portable North Pole.

Bluum -- This One is for the Mamas and the Babies!

You know from numerous posts that we LOVE subscription boxes in this house. We've tried roughly two dozen or so. It's always a crapshoot -- some rock, so do not. I'm REALLY excited to try Bluum though! I feel like with baby #2 we've spent much more time in the car than with our first kiddo. I am hoping this subscription will allow us to connect a bit more. Special mom and baby time!

Sign up for today and receive a monthly shipment of the best-reviewed mom & baby care products. Decide between a surprise box or choose your own products each month on Tracking your child's progress in the bluum app is fun and helps get the most relevant products.
Save 30% OFF your first month - Get started with bluum today! 

Disclosure: This post was made possible by a partnership with US Family Guides and Bluum. 

Lovely Candy Co. - Decadent Gifting

When it comes to the holidays nothing makes me cringe more than the "themed" candies -- you know nothing from your quality name brand companies, instead chocolate coins, Santa shapes, and other oddities. Sure, Hershey and Nestle make holiday candy, but the stuff that ends up under the tree and in stockings is always the "gimmicky" cute stuff. No more. I have started selecting only GOOD tasting candy instead of deciding based upon what the tin wrapper looks like. What did I find? The Lovely Candy Company!

The Lovely Candy Company makes premium, consciously crafted candies for consumers looking for indulgent treats which offer the best ingredients available. Lovely candies are all natural, certified gluten free, tested non-GMO, certified kosher and contain no high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients. After getting the opportunity to try MANY flavors and varieties, I've come to decide that though I love them all, my favorites are the Sea Salt Caramel and the Chocolate Fudgees! I literally ate both bags myself, selfishly. I gifted some of the licorice and the assorted fruit chews and both by father and my son's preschool teacher had nothing but drooly, appreciative grins and thank yous to report!

Perfect for teacher Christmas gifts, stockings, kids and adults, this is our new go-to! You can get your own bag and find all of the delicious flavors by going to the Lovely Candy Co. website.

I enjoyed the super-soft, incredibly fresh quality of the candies but also enjoyed the packaging. Normally, as a "greenie" I don't care for extra packaging, but the resealable bags are fantastic and the little wax paper wraps are not as bad as the crinkly plastic things like dinner mints come in. Since they are consciously crafted, many folks can enjoy a treat: they are gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO, and there aren't even any artificial ingredients! Yummo, right?! The bags are very LOVELY as well -- a pretty design that is elegant for gifting. Perfection in a confection!

Disclosure: I participated in a partnership between US Family Guides and Lovely Candy Co. to make this post possible.

Redan Publishing - Perfect Magazines for Little Kids!

While in the grocery store I glanced down and saw Scooby Doo magazine. I'd never seen it before and because my son adores Scooby, I noted it for later purchase when he wasn't along. Soon after, I found out it comes from Redan Publishing and they over MANY great kids subscriptions!

A Magazine For Every Child! Great Interactive Children's Magazines Each issue contains stories, a craft project, a collectible poster and a workbook full of fun educational activities that are designed to give your child a head start in developing their early learning skills with the help of their favorite characters. Your child will spend endless hours stimulating their imaginations and having fun not realizing they are learning! These interactive magazines make the perfect gift!

I also remember the days of my youth (far away though they are...) and the delight I felt when my magazines came! I still love getting mail -- no matter how far technology takes us -- and my son is now an excited mail recipient too! He enjoys letters from relatives and will now enjoy magazines that are perfect for his age, interests, and abilities! Redan Publishing is the perfect source for magazines the littles will love!

The cost involved is minimal -- if you order online you get a FREE bonus issue! One year of Scooby Doo delivered to our address, for example, costs less than $30. I spend more than that in beverages for myself in a week I'm sure! I am happy to skip the ALO or latte once in a while and pay the savings forward to my son in the form of a gift that gets his literacy skills going and that he truly enjoys. With many titles to choose from, there's sure to be one for each boy or girl in your life!

Disclosure: I wrote this post in a partnership with Redan Publishing and US Family Guides. 

Subscription Boxes We Love With Choices We Crave! [+ discount code] #ad

ClubsGalore Gift of the Month Clubs are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion -- from the holidays coming up to a special birthday to that gift for your hard-to-please friend or boss. The best part? They last for more than just one day--except for the Biscotti and maybe the Bacon! That's known to disappear fast no matter how much there is...

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, thank you, retirement, or other special event, there are SO many choices there WILL be something that fits perfectly for your needs. In my case, I LOVE getting mail and I find these subscription boxes to be quite addicting (in a fantastic way!) I know I'm not the only one... Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me! And, hey! There are WAY worse vices to have!

Want to try it and SAVE?!

$10 OFF - Ten Dollars off any gift with code: Gift10 at thanks to US Family Guide for the opportunity to give you all this special discount code to shop and save!

Disclosure: This post was made possible by a partnership with US Family Guide and Clubs Galore.

NOVICA - A Unique, Fair-trade Artisan Experience

Want a $25 gift card to use at Enter by COMMENTING on THIS post with what you'd get and who it would be for to win! [Ends 11/24 at 11:59 p.m. CDT]

This contest has ended. 

You can also save $7 off your first purchase with NOVICA by using the code: 

NOVICA [a partner with National Geographic] offers a unique shopping experience from regions all around the world. I love that you get to "meet" the artisans and learn a bit more about their life, trade, and culture. Putting a face to the craft makes a more meaningful experience -- I have a shoulder bag from Peru and I often think of the woman that crafted it when I use it. NOVICA is a fantastic source for holiday gifting! There are SO many options you will likely spend HOURS perusing the amazing handicrafts available!

Good luck in the giveaway!

*Disclosure: this post was made possible by a partnership with NOVICA and US Family Guide. I received compensation for this post but all opinions remain my own.* 

Stellar Stuff - Week #3

In the spirit of Daylight Savings Time and losing an hour of the precious, elusive thing that mamas rarely get enough of....*sigh*....I want to highlight this weeks "Stellar Stuff" -- COFFEE!

Truth be known: I started drinking coffee when I was 22. That's right. 2.5 years into my college career. I made it through many cram sessions without the black brew. I probably would still avoid the stuff had I only been exposed to Folgers and the like.

#JustBeYou prAna and Stonyfield + [prAna Discount Code!]

On these fall mornings, as I get my four minutes before the children wake to dreamily watch the steam rise from my coffee and decide what we'll do for the day, the part about what to eat and wear takes care of itself. I pair Oh My Yog Wild Quebec Blueberry Yogurt by Stonyfield with prAna's Lined Boyfriend Jeans. Like every day.

At this point I'm rather glad I do not have teenage daughters to say something like: "Mom you've worn those pants three times this week and it's Wednesday!"

Raising Children, Strong AND Kind by Korie Robertson [review] #StrongAndKind

We've been struggling (or at least I have) lately with how I'm [we're] doing raising our oldest son. 

In the religious realm, we think the particular preschool we have him enrolled in may be differently aligned with how we might teach a four-year-old about God and the Bible. [Let's just say I think the subject matter is less focused on love and more focused on sin. Not that it's wrong--to each their own, it's just not how I envisioned the private Christian school education

He is being bullied a bit, which is a total surprise to us since he's so outgoing, assertive, and at times even rude and mean in his actions at home or near family.  

I'm struggling with being able to love who he is and not raise him as I think he should be. I keep hoping he'll play sports, putting him in tee ball and hockey and even gymnastics and cringing as he takes interest in his dad's bolo ties. I know. It makes me a TERRIBLE mom, but I just remember the "types" of kids that were picked on when I was in school, and though things have changed, they probably haven't THAT much. This is coming from a loving place, I mean well... BUT... I need to keep praying for the grace and patience and strength to let him discover who he is. 

With all of that guilt and confusion, it was nice to take a break and focus on how to make this parenting thing more positive again. Starting now. 

The Day My Mom Will Never Forget #SharingSafety

I want to share with you a story. My guardian angels have been busy with me for thirty years. This is just one instance that they were truly looking out for me. I write this to make you, dear readers, aware that October 18-24 is National Teen Driver Safety Week. So I'm sharing from my teenage years, the moment when the advice became REAL. Lets spread our tips and advice and #sharesafety this week to promote safer roads and everyone arriving alive.

I woke up a little foggy. Had I just dreamed about a stagnant-smelling swamp? About having wet hands? No. No, that was real. My hands were wet, slippery. My khaki uniform looked a little muddied--hadn't I just put it on? Clean? Pressed? The semi-darkness was real. The smell -- the swampy, musky water smell? Real. Sitting on the roof of the inside of my car while still tangled in my seat belt? Real. What a Monday I'm having, I thought.

Parenting Is Easy...You're Probably Just Doing It Wrong

In the span of ONE naptime, I increased my happy factor for the day by about a zillion points. In fact, I laughed so hard I cried. Both of my dear boys were snoozing away (after a little drive) and this book had come in the mail, so I decided to simply park in the driveway and enjoy my new book whilst naptime allowed me a few priceless moments of relative silence. It was heavenly.

We don't usually take the time to be silly. It's an easy thing to do but also an easy thing to forget about. Somehow, silliness goes away with adulthood most of the time. There are bills. Schedules. Less sleep. More work. More wrinkles. More mass. But in the world of more, there is just no time for laughter, being silly, and play. Until I checked the mail. I had one hour of silly today.

Yummy Mitt by Darlyng & Co. [review]

Photo Courtesy of Yummy Mitt
Everyone dreads the teething stage that our children (and everyone) must endure. It's a rite of passage, true, but just because everyone has to go through it, doesn't mean that we should have to suffer through it! Many generations of moms and caregivers have tried everything from Whiskey -- not recommended, though I've never tried over the counter baby aisle cures and remedies to an array of soothers and chewies.

These Will Melt Your Heart - If You Can Stand The Opening Joke!

We've been learning Knock, Knock Jokes in our house lately. It's what you do when you have a four year old. So, we invented this one to greet my husband after his long day at work after our courier came and delivered us a fun little package.

Knock, Knock!
Who's there?
Interrupting Cow. 

I know, I know...You KNOW this old chestnut! Humor me, though!

[Begrudgingly]...Interrupting Cow, who?

Moooooooo!!! Fruit Snacks!!! Cow Fruit Snacks!! Mooooooo!!

SmartiPants One-Size Cloth Diaper [Review]

Smartipants are fantastic. That about sums it up. End of review.

Just kidding! (About the end, anyway!) They are fantastic though.

We tried a one-size cloth diaper just in time for the 4th of July (to celebrate the fact that Smartipants are made in the USA!) And, because I've been absolutely zombie-brained for about nine months (coincidence???) I forgot to hit "publish!" So, only two months too late, you are getting this update on Smartipants, my support of all things USA-crafted, and, well, a great idea for a cloth diaper to gift to a new mama, a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time mama, or just a friend that is hopefully waiting for that first babe to diaper. It's never a bad time to buy a Smartipants diaper!

Ruh-roh Raggy! Halloween Coolsville Style! [review]

First there was Caillou. Then it was Paw Patrol. We STILL have a Dragons obsession. But now, the new thing in this house is Scooby Doo. Of course, I grew up with Scooby. I think it was the version that had the theme song "hang around for Scooby Doo" -- and now we listen to Blink 182 jamming out "What's New, Scooby Doo?" And, though Casey Casem was a classic, I'm diggin' Matthew Lillard as Shaggy Rogers.

Have Your Cheesecake And Eat It Too

Cheesecake is a personal weakness of mine. I went so far as to purchase an expensive spring form pan JUST to try my hand at making the homemade style cheesecake for my husbands birthday (any excuse, right?) Well, I happen to like the instant from-a-box variety better. No matter the form or flavor, one thing is for sure: it's not on ANY of the diets I've tried. It's not really very good for you. It's not even cheese--so I can't really afford it a place in the "dairy" group.

Capturing Memories with AdoramaPix

I'm a Snapfish member and a Shutterfly member. I've dabbled with other sites like as well. I love a good deal and I love having different patterns and styles and options when it comes to organizing my digital photos and making something tangible to enjoy the memories over and over. 

Well, I recently heard about AdoramaPix to display our captured memories in rich color and vibrant detail. I love the lay-flat design (often this means additional fees on other sites) and they have gift ideas too. I'm happy to have become a new member -- it is always a good thing to have your photos uploaded to several sites just in case. 

Do you have a favorite site? Are you a member of many? I don't think it ever hurts to spread the love and the photos -- I also enjoy email newsletter perks from several sites--you can too!


25% off our square photo books (6x6,8x8,10x10,12x12). Use code: pxusfam25 ends 09/30/2015 11:59 pm EST

Our Holiday Favorites for Kids

Remember last year when we were dreaming of Christmas in July? Well, this year we held off a LITTLE longer before thinking everything holiday-related! My son felt the chill in the air during a recent low pressure system and he decided we needed to watch some good children's programming. 

First the request was Vegimals. And the Vegimals we have are part of an Octonauts (The Very Vegimal Christmas!) This was shortly followed up by Dino Dan. And again, we have Twas a Dinosaur. Last stop during our rainy day was Caillou's Holiday Movie!

If you haven't picked up copies of these movies yet, since I urged you to last year, I'd highly recommend them still today! My personal favorite (yes, they are all highly tolerable if not enjoyable for parents too) is the Very Vegimal Christmas. Sometime around June my son was humming a little tune and my husband and I recognized it, but couldn't place it. It was hummed for weeks. Finally, we asked him what it was, and he said "vegimals!" He hadn't seen the disc in months and the tune was spot-on! It was also catchy as all get out, so we were all humming it all summer!

These are children's favorites, popularized by television broadcasting and can be enjoyed whenever the rain (or snow) threatens to stomp on fun. I appreciate having wholesome programming in our home (since grandparents assume that Cartoon Network is still just Looney Tunes...wrong!) This is an easy way to ensure my son isn't watching Adult Swim at four years old!

I won't lie, I've even caught myself watching a few episodes while my son is away or napping. About ten minutes in I think: "Why am I watching kids shows when I can watch anything I would like?" I think the truth is, I like them!

Disclosure: I have partnered with NCircle to bring you my holiday favorites. All opinions are my own.

Just Another Way You Could Be Doing it from Home

As a mostly stay at home mom, I know that the temptation is always there to try to make some extra money for the family while still being able to be at home. Garage sales are frankly a lot of work for little results. Taking on another persons child comes with the burden of another families' schedule. Have you ever considered participation in market research? Companies value the opinions of their consumer base and pay to have this feedback. 

One of the top companies conducting opinion research is Focus Pointe Global, a national company with a location in Atlanta. You can register to become a panel member at, The studies are diverse: including baby products, social issues, taste tests, appliances, beverages, cell phones..

I have found that many of these programs are easy to do at nap time or after bedtime and can amount to a few hundred dollars for just a few hours of my time. It might be worth it for you to consider!  

Disclosure: I wrote this article in partnership with US Family Guides. All opinions are my own. 

How to Create the PERFECT Lunch for Your Preschooler

When he was a baby, I was a breastfeeding Nazi -- absolutely unabashedly steadfast with organic everything when he was older. We used natural soap and cloth diapered. Now that my preschooler is a big boy, I often find myself making organic Mac 'N Cheese only to put hot dogs in it at his request. When the little ones can speak up and request foods that aren't what you would like them to have and certainly are not what the doctor ordered, how can you make a lunch that is perfect for them AND you?

Start Here

1) We had to find the perfect lunchbox. In fact, we had to have THREE. We have Skip Hop ZOO buddies -- hippo and monkey. We also got a Paw Patrol lunchbox. Pick whatever you feel they will appreciate and adore and keep track of!

2) Make a simple JELLY sandwich -- having peanut butter on it will utterly offend my son. Too much protein you say? Okay. Jelly it is. [Making a mental note to up the ante with the protein in another department!] Cut off the crust. Crust is also unacceptable. Make it fun with the Press 'N Seal you got from The Pampered Chef. Voila! Entree: done.

3) Pack Yo Kids Squeezers [my son likes Strawberry] -- Blueberry/Lemonade and Cherry/Berry are other options, but not at our local store. We find the Squeezers at Target. You also get 2g of Protein in these little squeezy tubes, so rest easy knowing there is a healthy snack in there!

4) Add in simple classic snacks like goldfish crackers, an apple, raisins, or a small baggie of GORP--which I make at home since I think it tasted better than pre-packaged trail mix! [I use Craisins, M&Ms, dry roasted peanuts, and dried Turkish apricots.] 

5) Kiss 'em goodbye for the day as you drop them off and then run to the vehicle as the hot tears refuse to stay put in their ducts! Take solace mama, the kid has a great lunch and you have done a super job!

Disclosure: This perfect lunch was created in a partnership with Stonyfield Organics. I received complimentary Yo Kids Squeezers to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

FamilyLife's Passport2Purity Getaway Kit 3rd Edition

Sometimes in life you need a tour guide. It would be nice to have a chef, concierge, and maid too. The latter three I cannot help with -- maybe Angie's List can? The tour guide though...that is something I've found--at least for navigating uncharted territory with teens regarding dating, peer pressure, and all of those rough waters that come with having kids.

This kit includes a tour guide for the caregivers (mom, dad, grandma...whomever), a Travel journal for the tween (with devotions), and eight CDs with lessons, scripture songs, and all that is needed to make this journey as a family.

Is it any wonder we would need a tour guide these days? There is so much violence, sex, and disrespect that greets us with open arms, every single day. Sexting. Selfies. Online predators. Bullying. Peer Pressure. The list goes on and on. Sure, it was and always has been tough for kids growing up -- it's a right of passage to be able to become a responsible adult, BUT today's teens have it much worse in my opinion. This FamilyLife Passport2Purity kit can help!

Since this is all about a journey together, the kit is best put to use on a getaway. Take it to a resort or a cabin or a family gathering. Go where there are few distractions. Take the course together, intensely over a weekend.

Good luck and bon voyage! I really hope that this will help your parenting journey. When the time comes for us, I know that we'll be trying to board any lifeboat we can to keep from drowning in the Sea of the Unknown!

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary kit as part of a partnership with FlyBy Promotions.

Peachtree Publications - Birding Books for Young and Old(er)

Have a budding birder? These books by Peachtree Publications are sure to keep them curious about our ornithological friends! Great illustrations and easy concepts make these books great for about preK - Grade 2, I'd say!

My favorite was the ostriches. So dazzling but realistic!

There is no better time than NOW to foster a sense of stewardship in your children -- birding together is a great way to do so! How do you get them interested in birding? Well, I've found that almost all children LOVE stories! Finding books like these published by Peachtree is a fantastic way to introduce your love of the natural world to them in a fun way!

Taking time out together each evening also gives me and my oldest some quality time to bond. Peachtree has fantastic books that link learning and love for our family -- I get to "geek out" about living organisms and biological concepts with my son and he just thinks we're hanging out, reading about bugs and birds! Winning.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary book of each title from Peachtree.*

Healthy Summer Treats with Stonyfield and Yaylabs [review + recipe]

It's been hot. And sticky. And we go through ice cream in this house like crazy. I'm talking a gallon a week. It's a vice. An addiction. We fully admit it. But sometimes you need to enjoy the sweeter things in life, right?

Recently, life got a little sweeter (and healthier) thanks to Stonyfield and the idea to use yogurt in our night time treats. Partnering with Yaylabs and their awesome ice cream ball, we were able to create frozen yogurt sweetened with our own local honey for a delectable delight.

Bonus? We got to spend around an hour of uninterrupted "together time" as we loaded our ball, rolled it, checked it, scraped and mixed ice cream, and of course, enjoyed the fruits of our labor. Speaking of fruits, we are going to be trying blueberries and mangoes in the mix tonight. Pineapple juice is also on the list for a little light and refreshing sorbet.

Next weekend we're camping and we plan to take the ball along there too! What a fantastic way to while away the summer nights outside the tent or camper and then be rewarded with a cool treat -- S'mores are great, S'mOreos are better, but a cool treat on a summer night in the bush is the best!

The retail price is around $30 depending on where you pick up a Yaylabs ball, and they are sold in a variety of colors and at several vendors.

Our Recipes [tried so far]:

Classic Vanilla
1 pint 1/2 and 1/2
1/3 C sugar + 2 Tbsp
1 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract

Frozen Yogurt
1 pint Stonyfield Whole French Vanilla Yogurt
1/4 C fresh, local honey

That's it! Both were delightful! Our only advice is to make sure you check inside the ball regularly so that you don't have to spend much time scraping to free very firm ice cream off the edges of the vessel. It's very easy to get carried away playing "roll the ball" while visiting on the floor!


*Disclosure: This post and recipe set was brought to you by a partnership with Stonyfield Organics and YayLabs. It's awesome! Thank you! I did receive yogurt and an ice cream ball to try it out.*

Summertime is Snacktime with Late July Snacks and Stonyfield Organic! Got Dip?

Chips and dips are one of my favorite comfort foods! Who wants mashed potatoes and gravy when it's 90 degrees?! So, when it's hot, I go for a little bit lighter, cooler combination. I love ranch on my chips -- something not everyone in my family can appreciate -- so I got creative and made chipotle ranch dip instead! What really rocks is that Stonyfield tubs are super convenient to mix dip inside! You just make a little pocket (like a volcano) for any spices, seasonings, and freshly minced veggies you want in your dip and stir away! No need for dirtying more dishes AND you get to reuse a container! I also like to write the date on top of my container so that there is no guesswork (though we RARELY see any leftovers last that long!)

My son thinks ketsup is spicy, so it didn't even make it to his lips. My husband on the other hand devoured it. He didn't even realize that I had replaced my usual sour cream in the recipe with Plain Stonyfield yogurt! He just said it tasted "lighter" which was great for a hot summer day!

I made the dip AGAIN for his birthday and his family when nuts, not only putting it on the Late July Organic Sea Salt by the Seashore Multigrain Tortilla Chips, but also on veggies that I had chopped up for snacking that day too! It pairs well with homemade hummus, to give some flavorful mix n match options to summertime snacks! If you want a nice, organic go-to when your family comes in hungry from outdoor play, try out one of these recipes from Stonyfield!

*Disclosure: This new tastebud experiment was brought to me and you by a partnership with Stonyfield Organic and Late July snacks. It's delicious and that's my honest opinion!*

OsoCozy AIO Version 3.0 Cloth Diaper [Review]

The OsoCozy All-In-One (AIO) cloth diaper is available in TWO sizes and FIVE colors. We are happy to add another Made in the USA diaper to our stash and we chose Aqua. It's gorgeous -- I'd call it teal in color.


The fabric that is the waterproof outer shell is crazy. It's lightweight but a little puffy (but the kind of puff like down, not like foam...) It's cushy fluff! It reminds me of the material of my childhood snow pants. I know this all sounds crazy, but it's just the most unique material I've felt in a cloth diaper. Most PUL feels the same. This feels extra plush and luxurious but does not feel any more bulky.

It's a husband/grandparent/daycare pleaser because it's an AIO and you don't have to fuss with inserts. I also like that you can order an unbleached version -- options are great! We opt for unbleached whenever we can.

Made in the USA


I appreciate the cross-over snaps, but if you only want to use the first then it does line up strange. Putting it on the second cross-over is more convenient but not a perfect fit (for OUR son.)

These are a longer dry time diaper. Most sewn-in insert styles have a little longer dry time. If you tend to use mostly Mother Natures' "dryer" (wind and sun) on the line, then you just need patience. Otherwise, it may take two or more dryer cycles indoors. We usually do outdoor drying and then fluff up in the dryer.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary diaper for the purposes of completing this review. 

Three Cloth Diapers to Help You Celebrate the 4th of July

The cloth diapering industry is expanding and with growth comes diversity. Well there are a few schools of thought on imported diapers and outsourced work, I'm not here to talk about that. At least not today. BUT, if you are looking for a great brand-name, American made/designed cloth diaper, here are three fantastic options for this Independence Day.


OsoCozy makes a diaper I am crazy about. The material is different than any other PUL fabric I've ever encountered and the soaker does the work of many. I'm really swooning over this design - it's like a puffy jacket but it's not puffy at all. It's ample in material yet light as well -- I'd never even held an OsoCozy diaper until last week and I've found a new favorite to add to my starting line-up! This is a winner that deserves a fireworks display!

Smarti Pants

A simple diaper that works, Smarti Pants has a very lightweight sleeve pocket diaper that will not be too bulky in the warm July weather but will also keep the babe from wetness on the bottom. Daddy is a big fan of this diaper since the stuffing sleeve is generous for big hands. I'm a big fan because our chubby thigh guy has more room with the design of Smarti Pants, so I'm not ever worried the gussets are too tight. I get a perfect fit, every time. This is cause to celebrate.

Best Bottoms 

The sly little foxes drew me in (as well as the American-made label) and the design and quality finished calling to me the rest of the way. I like that this diaper isn't plain - it's adorable. We chose to go with hemp inserts and they fit well inside the envelope cover, making use of all the space but not becoming bulky. Again, the diaper feels like amazing quality, even in the hand, so I can only imagine how comfortable it is on the bum! A girl can day dream about a parade that throws diapers instead of handfuls of candy, right?!

There you go folks. Have yourself a Happy Independence Day and try these three favorites next time your in the market for an American made diaper. Stay tuned for in-depth reviews of all three diapers! Have a safe holiday!

Are You Old Fashioned?

You hear 'old-fashioned' a lot in regular conversation these days. What does it actually mean though? I consider a lot of ideals and styles old-fashioned. Recently I had the opportunity to view a newly released DVD with that namesake and really enjoyed it!

NOTE: The movie is MUCH more interesting than the lame cover of the DVD. It was the one place that I thought they totally failed to do justice... Just my opinion though! So don't judge the disc by its cover!

The movie Old Fashioned is about a former frat boy turned "old-fashioned" antique shop keeper who gets to know a more free-spirited gal who is also his tenant. Let me tell you this much - it's categorized as a drama, and it's definitely not a comedy, but it's not too dark and is fairly light-hearted.

The thing I liked about the movie is that when I reflected on how that courtship stage actually FELT when my husband and I were dating, I thought the movie did a great job of getting this feeling in the forefront. The actors expressions, body language, the stolen was all SO well done.

A lot of movies in the Christian community get a bad wrap because of poor acting and low budget movies -- this is not the case. The cinematography was so fantastic! The story moved along well, and, it was real. Not super "Mary Poppins" -- which is also a common theme with many faith-based movies! This is not Mayberry -- there are some roles that are completely crass and vulgar and that is another aspect that MAKES the movie!

It's hard to imagine the lengths to which folks used to be expected to go during a prospective relationship quest -- ya know? Back when people were more old fashioned? But imagine how today most people are expectant of that first kiss or sometimes even sex on the very first date... what if we focused again on the conversation, the effort and the promise we were seeking?

The movie, whether you are a Christian person or not is rather thought-provoking and quite enjoyable. I totally recommend it! There is also a book by the same name that I have in queue which I will likely be starting tonight, just as soon as I finish a Wild Edibles book I've been loving!

Additionally, there is a devotional in print as well, again, with the same name, that is pretty nice for the reflection I mentioned. So many people are quick to "go through the motions" of the person they are interested in -- slowing it down, maybe being a little more old fashioned can be a great way to actually UP the ante in romance and excitement. It sounds crazy, but it's SO true. A little old fashioned chivalry is what won my heart when I was dating my husband!

The DVD release date is: June 16th, 2015. Find out more here:

Twitter: @OldFashionedVow

Disclosure: This review was made possible by a partnership with Flyby Promotions. All opinions are my own. 

Panasonic Home Surveillance - Three Unanticipated Uses for Families

Panasonic Home Surveillance Systems are excellent resources for a "regular" family, like ours, that just want a little extra peace-of-mind. They feature indoor and outdoor cameras and have accessories that sync up with devices, allowing you to say turn your home lights on remotely. Fun features, neat for a tech enthusiast.

(Photo courtesy of Megy Karydes, Foodie TravelingMom.)

For me? I'm very low-tech and the system was easy for me to wrap my brain around, so it gets some bonus points for that! But the biggest thing that had me "geeking out" about this system is the versatility of use. We are not urban. A far cry from it in fact -- we have a hobby farm complete with two ponds, an eagles nest, a river and our own chickens and pets. So though there is always the risk of home security issues, it's not something we lose a lot of sleep over. Some of the best home security we've found are good dogs. (Which incidentally is what I told the telemarketers that called a few months ago trying to sell me THEIR system. Imagine my surprise when I'd be blown away by Panasonic's system!) I'm definitely a skeptic converted. So while we spend more time in our tent than our home, we will know that the house, garden, chickens and more are all safe and sound!

Here is a great video from a fellow TMOM and her son, as they unbox the same system that I am referencing here! Isn't is such a manageable size?!

I don't have a traumatizing firsthand story about a robbery or break in that keeps my kids up at night. Sure, neighborhood kids have stolen a jug of gasoline and there was that one time that we had a litter of puppies dumped on our property. Small instances of poor judgement mostly. But I do find value in this home security system more than I ever though possible in fact!

What follows are the three ways we utilize the system time and again.

1) Hunting
This time-honored tradition is a supreme part of our lives. It's part of what keeps us in meat and we do a lot of subsistence living from the land. We will now be able to monitor what critters are frequenting our land - including deer. This funny thing happens when you have a garden - the deer come to you! Though this does not apply to hunting season, since the vegetables have long since frozen by then - the deer do stick around a lot of the time though! It's not only an asset to hunting strategy to be able to have studied the behavioral patterns of the deer for hunting, it's also a really neat lesson in biology for the kids! Last year we had a large, Boone & Crockett bragging rights buck on our property - we also had tracks of a few unwelcome trespassers looking to bag the buck. This year, we'll have footage of anyone trying to poach on our land! (We hunt for meat, not antlers, and sincerely hope this big ol' buck survived the season and will seek refuge on our land year after year.)
2) Travel Fears
I used to be one of the bravest gals I knew. I guess I'm still brave in some ways, but I also have more fears than ever before after becoming a mom. Now while I'm out camping or fishing or just seeing the themeparks with my young family, I can monitor my home from afar. This will at least kick one travel fear to the curb, allowing me to better enjoy my time with the family. An odd side note: we can also talk to Binky and Whiskers while we're away, in case they get lonely!
3) Farmyard Security
I mentioned that we are rural. It's not usually humans that have us searching for our pants and flashlights at 3 a.m. It's farmyard pests. We currently have a skunk lingering on the property - which in all seriousness probably means about a half dozen skunks. We have a groundhog - which is no bother to me, other than a few ill-placed potholes in the yard. The eagle probably won't take any chickens since they prefer the lazy route: the buffet of buzzards, carrion. We have bears occasionally and a local coyote pack. The red-tailed hawks and goshawks are the ones that really desire that juicy white meat. No matter who is slinking around, friend or foe, man, woman or beast, we'll have some good intelligence, night and day, of who the "perp" is!

There is a long list of features and uses for Panasonic's Home Security systems - our uses are merely those that fit our lifestyle and living situation. There is a use for everyone and since the sticker price is less than $300 -- it's very affordable. With night/Infared options, accessories to remotely operate certain fun features, and the option to hook up multiple cameras, you could have a veritable home command center thanks to this handy, easy-to-use system. The size is pretty small - the box is no bigger than a child's lunchbox and the cameras are boxy and sleek, not like the "old school" black surveillance cameras in gas stations. They aren't camouflaged for use in the natural environment, but that is easily remedied.

In a nutshell, the system is easy to set up, has no cost to maintain (no subscriptions or data to pay monthly), and is great for in and outdoor use. I feel like it is a very comprehensive system for such a small price. We are having a blast, feeling like farm ninjas!

*Disclosure: This post is a partnership with and Panasonic. I received a complimentary camera system to utilize and write about. No further compensation was received. All opinions are my own.*

Milestones Marching On... with Stonyfield and Tommee Tippee

The first baby grew fast. And we waited almost four years before we had the second baby. Why in the world did the second one start racing through milestones well before I got my "feet back underneath me" as a mama of two?

I have no idea if it's my age or if it's just that children grow exponentially faster as you have more of them. No matter what the cause, it's true -- my baby is barely a baby anymore! We're fast approaching toddling! Yes, he's just shy of six months old, but I feel like I got about three days of newborn, a little bit of infant, and now I'm going to have another four-year-old in no time! So now that the time has come to feed him, I'm embracing that milestone.

It's harder to do things right the second time. But, I've decided to be conservative in starting solids, he will get what we eat - just in mushy, tiny tastes. No gross rice cereal. Bananas, yogurt, avocados, REAL food. What won't change is that we'll still need to "gear up" to feed a little one again. This is where Tommee Tippee is a real asset. There is an entire line (way beyond neat bottles) that includes bibs, bowls, sippy cups, and even pacifiers! [I so wish sometimes that he would take a pacifier!]

This is the milestone that I dread, because it means I have a "big boy" and my husband loves, because he can finally help more with our baby. Feeding is essential to bonding. Feeding is fun. Feeding is messy. But, with some nifty tools and tricks, feeding is a lot easier.

Tommee Tippee has a great line of all the tools you need to make the first solids and the journey to becoming a "big kid" eater really easy!

*Disclosure: I partnered with Stonyfield Organics and Tommee Tippee for this post. All opinions are my own.*

Empires Album Released by Hillsong United! [review]

Gone are the days of listening to whatever kind of music I want in my vehicle. Yes, I went through many phases, so this may just be another phase of life, but I know this phase of shuttling small children will not include the explicit music I may or may not have liked in my teen years. No Eminem, Snoop Dog, or even Carrie Underwood here. 

Mostly, my drives consist of either children's music, Disney soundtracks (which I consider to be their own genre), or NPR talk radio - which tends to get too in-depth about war and all the headlines are usually graphic, so that is very limited. Basically, I get to listen to A Prairie Home Companion and kids stuff.

Well, the new album by Hillsong UNITED called Empires released this week. We've been listening to it in the car for about a week now and not only do the kids like, so do I. Most of the time it's background noise, since there is always lively conversation or crying filling the van. But what words I'm able to hear stick with me throughout my day. 

Songs like "Touch the Sky" and "Here Now" resonate with me as the day goes on. My hope is that is true for my children as well.

"My heart beating, my soul breathingI found my life when I laid it downUpward falling, spirit soaringI touch the sky when my knees hit the ground"


Twitter: @HillsongUnited

Instagram: @HillsongUnited

Check them out on tour this summer:

Here’s a video of their performance on the TODAY show in case you missed it last month:

*This post is brought to you by a partnership with FlyBy Promotions.

Happy Earth Day with High Mowing Organic Seeds and Stonyfield

Well, Earth Day is HERE and what better way to encourage kids to celebrate the planet than adding some green to the landscape? High Mowing Organic Seeds helped us to get going on the green-up this year, even though it's still been snowing.
This is our 'planned garden' coming together
Have you had a planting party with your kids before? You can keep it simple of make it as elaborate as you have time and imagination for! We decided on starting some seeds, container gardening, and a salad bowl. We have a larger garden planned, as we may transplant, but for now, while the frost is still going out in the northern climes, we're working with pots.

High Mowing Organic Seeds
We will be planting all organic (like our High Mowing Organic Seeds) or heirloom varieties. If you live in town, heirlooms probably aren't for you, since it's likely that your pollinators do not care as they do their job whether or not your stock is being mixed with Joe Farmer next door who uses GMO seeds. Just food for thought. But, organic seeds are a great idea everywhere! We love organic seeds (High Mowing Seeds has great variety) for sweet corn. Heirloom varieties from the early 1900s taste like field corn today, in my opinion! Back then, it WAS sweet, but after all the breakthroughs that seeds have seen and how our palates have become accustomed to really sweet corn, I just cannot eat the historical type. High Mowing has corn that actually tastes like corn as we know it today AND is organic!

We planted Ruby Red Chard, Peppers, Ping Tung Long Eggplant, and some varieties of squash, tomatoes, and peppers. This was just to start - we also have carrots, more tomatoes, more squash, cucumbers, beans, and peas to get done!

A great way for kids to get their hands dirty, literally, planting can be fun for one or many. It's a super fun party activity for birthdays. Instead of the tried-and-true Marigold for Mother's Day, you could start seeds on Earth Day like herbs of veggies for mom next month!

How will YOU celebrate Earth Day? 

Disclosure: Partnership with Stonyfield made this post possible. All opinions are my own. 

gMovies Wholesome Family Entertainment [review]

I've noticed lately that my son is seeing a LOT on cable that I wouldn't ever allow. So, we're breaking up with Cable. That doesn't mean we're "upgrading" to DirecTV as the ads say though. Nor are we going to Dish or any other similar version of television that is marketed to consumers. 
An example - I find the Salem commercials on channels that could very well (and do) have family audiences inappropriate, disgusting and terrifying to kids. How is this allowed to be on? Same with the American Horror Story ads. These are NOT "daytime" television appropriate but I've seen them several times during children's waking hours. Now to play Devil's Advocate, some would simply say "shut the TV off." I agree. Too much screen time in this house is the other factor leading to turning the boob tube off. 
I started looking into family programming that I'm okay with. I knew NetFlix was an option to keep my husband and I happy in our precious and sparse "grown up tv time hours." But I hadn't heard of gMovies until recently. I'm hooked! This is a provider of Christian shows and movies, with new titles added each month. It's only $4.99/month to subscribe, and I KNOW the content will not stop me in my tracks and have me rushing to distract my child while I change the channel! 
With gMovies, my only regret is that it is now spring and when I should be spending time outside, I now REALLY want to watch a movie! Clean the house? No, I'd rather watch a bit of a tear-jerker before I start the mopping and window washing! Not all of the movies are drenched in Christian "preachy" story lines--for those of you thinking that way. I'm a spiritual, Christian woman, but even I do not like beliefs shoved in my face repeatedly. This is not solicitation disguised in drama or comedy or cartoons -- it's just entertainment that is Christian-based and has a very family-friendly vibe. I dig it. A lot. 
So I guess what I'm getting at is: if you are like me and you want a little "TV time" (via a device, computer or smart TV, since this is an internet-based subscription) and you want it to be a little more modest, wholesome, and virtuous than what is offered via mainstream providers, you should think about subscribing or at least trying gMovies!
So do you wanna try it? Here's a code for you to get TWO weeks FREE!
2. enter code: FREETRIAL17


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