Flippin' for Fall: It's my NEW Favorite, Mom!

Well, since winter is on our door step and we're pretty well settled in, I can say that we are officially done "Flipping for Fall!" And honestly, I'm about to flip. When #2 finally came in for a landing, I knew my days of having the luxury of time and the frivolity to enjoy things like decorating were nearly over. I'd soon be in full-scale baby prepping mode (again) -- washing and prepping the cloth diapers, dusting and laundering and trying to remain patient with my preschooler, tearing up at the every turn, having lost forever my "mommy and ONLY me" relationship with him. Bittersweet.

So with our home as "complete" as it will be for a while anyway, I switched gears from redecorating and flipping to mothering again. BUT, I found a way to incorporate the two! Really! I did! Since I wanted to do special things -- activities, dates, outdoor play, etc. with my preschooler, I decided to combine his love of Paw Patrol with our special time.

Remember that Dragon room? The one that is always everyone's favorite when they tour through our home, adults included? The one with the matching curtains, bed sets, and decals -- all How to Train Your Dragon? Oh and the stuffed dragon, the piggy bank, the underwear...all dragon motif. Yeah, that room......

Well, it's happened. It took all of about FOUR MONTHS for our preschooler to decide that Paw Patrol was his NEW favorite.

We planned ahead for this though, as I suggest all of you do as well. When you purchase your RoomMates decals in the chosen character compliment, look to the horizon. Yes, live in the moment, but if you see a new "favorite phase" budding, plan for it. We got our son the Paw Patrol package as well as the dragons (for less than $15 you can have Paw Patrol panache too!) Since kids love the television characters from favorite shows and new shows pop up all the time, it's a pretty reasonable investment to keep their little hearts smitten with their surroundings!

I know Christmas is over, but wall decals are a really fun idea for gifting -- birthdays, even in Easter baskets! A little room "spruce up" is fun for parents and kids alike! Everyone needs to freshen up their surroundings and this time around, we're counting on Ryder and his pups to make our child happy. I remember "calling it" -- saying that it would at least be easy to change the decor when the time comes. I really thought the time would come in a year or two. But, since we had enough change and crazy for our preschooler recently with the new baby, I'm giving in to the small request of my small, opinionated ever-changing darling boy and I am updating the decals to Paw Patrol this weekend. The good news? They ARE easy off. The bad news? He's stuck with dragon curtains and bed sets. I'm not tackling THAT until the birthday rolls around in the spring!

Disclosure: I partnered with RoomMates Decals for the purposes of writing this post. All opinions are my own. I received complimentary decals for completing a room transition. I was not compensated in any other way. 


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