Language Exploration as a Family ~ Spotlight on Little Pim

With our ever-changing world and commerce, it is more important than ever to speak more than one language.  The earlier we start a second (or maybe third?) language, the easier it is to grasp, so many people recommend starting with children from birth with hearing two languages to improve the integration of the language and over all comprehension.

This DVD set, intended for the 0-6 crowd not only gets your kiddo learning a NEW language but helps with their primary language vocabulary too! Win-win!  By immersing children in language while entertaining, they have fun in a ninja-learning sort of way!

We tried the complete Spanish set (and recommended it to all of you for a great Christmas idea!) and the chief detail that I was really enthusiastic about was the multi-media learning angle that they use - as opposed to something that is delivered only via computer or audio disc, etc. Having a tangible snuggle-buddy, like our Panda that my son named Po, seeing a poster on his wall, reading books and watching DVDs all tie concepts and words together and solidify the learning experience I think!

The books are the most fun for me (as a mom) -- no muss, no fuss, just grab a book and reinforce what your child has seen on the television!

My husband and I have traveled Central America extensively and ten years ago were both nearly fluent. These days we speak parent (you know - diapers, spit-up, and sleep deprivation are all vocab words we focus on) - Spanish has taken a back-burner spot in our lives. Before it's gone forever, we decided to not only foster a valuable skill and asset in our children but also to dust off our skills and try to practice up to prepare for family travel, possibly missions in the near(ish) future.

So don't think this is just a tool for kids - the whole family will benefit. We sure have! It's a riot to have our son (now almost four years old) request the DVDs by using a random Spanish word - generally, he asks if we can "watch pato" - so "watch duck" -- but unlike many children in this country, he doesn't mean he wants to see Donald Duck or even Duck Dynasty, he means his Little Pim Spanish set! Here is a look (stock photo via the Little Pim website) at what you get with a complete set (there are a dozen languages to choose from!)

If you've never tried a language learning system with your family or if you are apprehensive about spending much money on something like this, Little Pim has a great starter for whetting your appetite and it's less than $50! This complete set is about double that price, but it really is so beneficial to use several different tactics to teach, to better succeed with whatever learning style your child identifies with.

Disclosure: I was able to write this post because of a partnership with Little Pim. All opinions are my own. 


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