Team Us [review]

Many of us likely question marriage and what the heck we were thinking when we have disagreements with our spouses. Many of us probably do not take into consideration on a regular basis the literal meaning of our vows. Are you there for your significant other in sickness? When I considered this one, I knew my husband was an ace but I was a bit of a dud. In richer? Well, we never really experienced that one, so we'll have to see... Poorer? For sure. Health? Yes. Honor? Yes. Obey? (Not in our vows.) Protect - most of the time....

You see where this is headed? Are you mindful of your vows? Are you both in all the way? Are you a TEAM?! Well, in the book "Team Us" -- which ironically is NOT authored by a famous athlete or even an extremely sports-minded person -- is about being your partners' teammate. (As you might have guessed from the title.)

I loved reading the book because it put things in perspective for me and like all the marital books I've been exploring lately, it made me re-evaluate my own marriage and improve upon it. Reading books like this makes me question, reflect, and strive to better my relationship with my husband.

Have you ever considered your marriage a team contract? Are you an MVP? Well, if you enjoy marital exploration, faith, and hilarious anecdotes from someone else's take on their own relationship, this book will likely be one you like. Team Us is entertaining but like I said, can really help you frame your own marriage in a better way. Ashleigh Slater authors a beautifully humble and honest text while what truly drew me in initially was the fact that the foreward was by Gary Chapman (author of Five Love Languages - which I adored) and so if I'm being honest, the foreward was what interested me but after those first few pages I knew I had to read more from the author and was glad I did!

I believe every bit of text one reads can teach even a tiny lesson and have a "take home point" that is applicable to you. Marriage is an arena where there is ALWAYS room for improvement!

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Check out the official website HERE (you can read an excerpt here to see if you’d like it!)

Disclosure: I wrote this piece in partnership with Flyby Promotions. I received a complimentary copy of the book but was not compensated in any other way.

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