The BEST of 2014 - Yogurt Addition!

Well another year has come and is on the way out. We've been so spoiled eating Stonyfield constantly, all year long. I still do not love Greek Yogurt. I must confess that up front. My family sometimes feels like a yogurt overload is happening, I'm sure, because I'm always experimenting with new ways of getting more yogurt in AND replacing some of the less healthy, albeit sometimes a little tastier ingredients. Our palettes are changing. (For the better!) I'm the biggest junk-food junkie in the house honestly! So, here's a round-up of our favorite recipes of 2014 - since I can never pick just ONE favorite!

Broccoli Grape Salad (With Non-Fat Stonyfield Yogurt)

I don't have a photo of this one - it literally got gobbled up by the family before I could snap one. Serves me right for procrastinating! I've made this dish three times - a different, slightly healthier recipe each time. The last and best for you was the one that I replaced a few ingredients with Stonyfield Non-fat/Fat Free Yogurt. Here it is if anyone is interested:

1 C. Red Grapes halved
1 C. Craisins
1/2 C. pomegranate
1 C. Stonyfield Non-fat Yogurt
1 lb. bacon (cooked and chopped into small pieces)
1 head of broccoli (chopped up)
1/4 C. Red onion, chopped to desired size
1/4 C. sunflower seed meats
1/4 C. Fat Free Ranch Dressing (or other flavor that suits your taste!)

Cook bacon. Chop solid ingredients and dump into a large bowl. Mix in the yogurt and dressing to taste, coating the solids. Chill. Add sunflower seeds and a few bits of bacon to dress up the top, for crunch just before serving.

Great for holiday gatherings or potlucks!

Yo Kids Pouches

Petite Creme

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

This is another recipe that I made and did not finish writing about or photographing before they were consumed. Stonyfield makes a GREAT Lemon-flavored yogurt cup that really brings out the subtle but delightful lemon zest in this spin on the traditional breakfast favorite! Simply sub or cut the Ricotta with yogurt and enjoy! If you are scared the first time (since it's not a 'regular' recipe for pancakes, you can also follow the Ricotta recipe and TOP with lemon yogurt instead of a syrup! Enjoy a little taste of something different!

Fruit N Yogurt Cups for the Hubby

My last favorite of the year that has truthfully become a favorite of my husband is so EASY! Simply buy the Low-Fat French Vanilla tub of Stonyfield (or the non-fat if you're not a sweets kind of person) and fill 1/2 of a canning jar or other container that works well for toting yogurt on-the-go. Add in jelly (we make great home made varieties) OR some frozen fruit and top with sunflower seeds, Craisins, or granola. These little concoctions are cheaper than the individual size cups of most brands AND they have better fruit (in my opinion!) I like the Ball plastic canning containers with screw-on green or purple lids. Reusable so they are a green option, dishwasher safe, and the perfect size! Great for kids lunches too!

There you have it! Our family favorites from last year! Join us for another great year of Stonyfield recipes and goodies to keep on track with your New Year's resolutions and healthy-minded eating habits! Cheers!

Disclosure: This post was made possible by my participation in a partnership with Stonyfield as a Yo-getter member. 


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