Spotlight on Diaper Safari Cloth Diapers [review]

Diaper Safari is a diapering company that I recently became acquainted with and we are enjoying having in our stash with child #2! Since we got a late jump on diapering with this guy due to a healing navel hernia and a reality check with having two kids, it's been nice to have some diapers that are really easy for dad since he's stepping up to pick up some slack!

Diaper Safari has really easy to use, good quality pocket diapers. We chose a green and an orange (not knowing what our little bean was while in the womb) and the hippo and lion design. Colors are vast, designs are somewhat limited - but everyone loves animals and they work for boys and girls! So I do love the simplicity. Sometimes when the choices in PUL fabric are endless, I find that I waste a ton of time and stress out deciding on the perfect pattern! No fuss, no muss: animals and colors!

The pull-through pocket is easy for getting one of the three inserts we tried out of the diaper shell. There is a trifold, hemp, and your traditional microfiber. We really love the trifold for the extra absorbency gained with multiple layers. I would have loved to have seen a double-leg gusset -- the current elastic is GOOD but a double gusset is always better in my humble opinion!!

The PUL is nice quality for an affordable price - we haven't had smell or de-lamination issues. I love snaps and the sizing is pretty typical for a one-size diaper. I reallly like cross-over snaps, so that would be an additional suggestion that I'd have and always have when I find diapers that I really like. This company is a good solid choice but could use a few sprinkles on top -- simply by adding double gussets and cross-overs, I'd be willing to make a quarter of my stash out of Diaper Safari dipes!

Diaper Safari can be found on Facebook and also by visiting their website. If you need a good daycare, grandparent, dad or travel diaper - this is a great choice! I wouldn't recommend for heavy wetters overnight or for initial newborn use, but for the all-around diapering fix Diaper Safari is sweet.

Disclosure: I worked with Diaper Safari for this post. I received complimentary product but was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own. 


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