Spotlight on Harp Diapers...Again! [Review]

Well it's been a few YEARS can you imagine? Last time I featured Harp Diapers it was for Merry Fluffy Christmas and I believe it was back in 2011! Since then, Harp Diapers and Deborah, the amazing WAHM and owner/creator behind the name have really grown and thrived as a small business!

She admits (via email - but I imagine her giggling a little as she "says" it) that her "designs have come a long way since we first worked together." I knew that when I was pregnant with #2 I wanted more than anything to work with Deborah again and try out the new design - since the older design, the original was a favorite in my rotation with my first son in cloth.

I was overwhelmed and wicked excited as I looked through the incredible array of fabrics that she has available now for custom diapers. Really - it took me an hour to even look at all of them - thank goodness I was talking to her around Christmas because that helped me narrow it down! I was totally in the Christmas spirit anticipating my Christmas baby, so I went with a classic Rudolph print.
I hadn't really done the newborn in cloth thing before -- we started when my first born was about two months old - so seeing cloth on a newbie bum was insanely adorable! We were able to cloth diaper with #2 after about 10 days - he had a herniated belly button that delayed the cord drop and I only used our "general use" diapers while diapering him, not my cute ones! (Shallow and silly? Maybe. But all of that circumcision care, stump care, and oils and creams are hard for me to deal with while sleep deprived!)

When we were in cloth in the early days, it came back to us so quickly how much we loved Harp Diapers! I still totally plan to use the older AI2 style diaper that was our initial fluff from Deborah. Now, it's clear her talents have been sharpened and she's come into her own with her designs! The newer AI2 is much more trim -- the leg gussets are much tighter (in a good way - they were a little more loose before) and one of the older diapers is nearly the size that two newer generation ones would be!

The cool thing? The absorbency was INSANE back then and it hasn't faltered even while making a more trim diaper. Harp was our go-to diaper for night and nap and still is!

Previous AI2 "Winter Wolves" that I LOVE to this day:

Disclosure: I've worked with Harp Diapers two times in partnership to create these reviews. Complimentary diapers have been provided. No other compensation was received. I truly LOVE Deborah's work.


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