BayB Brand Bean Bags [review]

I was so excited to try a BayB Brand bean bag - after all, it had been a while since I was able to set my child down! This would be a new, safe place for my baby to enjoy while I enjoyed much needed time with no child in my arms!

My second baby decided the bouncer and the swing were not for him. This left me with a sore back and oftentimes a crying child if I needed both of my hands for anything. The BayB Brand beanbag was a lifesaver and allowed me to put him down in a cozy place to get the dishes or cooking or any chore that required I not be holding him done!

The Skinny:

My son actually enjoyed being placed in this bean bag - for short periods of time. It is inclined so that the child is not lying flat. This is key for him.


I loved that it had a "seat belt" mechanism. I wouldn't have even entertained the thought of putting him in the chair if it didn't have safety features.

I also enjoyed the color options. They were visually appealing bean bag seats. The material on TOP was very plush and cozy. No assembly was required. The amount of beans was adequate for a comfortable position.


The material on the sides is super thin and in my opinion not real high quality. I think over time it would be inevitable that this would get ripped or "blow out" -- it's very thin, almost paper-like. The price of these bean bags would be higher than what I would pay as a consumer for the product you get. If the side material (the spotted part in my photos) were improved it would be more worth the investment.

Overall it is a nice place to put your child while nearby and supervising. It's cozy but would probably break-down over time -- at least in our household! I liked the material on top and the safety features but felt it was a tad over-priced. So, if you need an alternative to keep baby happy while you get somethings done, this is a good choice!

The bean bags retail on the BayB Brand website for $69.99.

Disclosure: My partnership with US Family Guides allowed me to try a complimentary product. No other compensation was received. 

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  1. That is GENIUS! They just snuggle right in. I love it! We would use a real bean bag chair...this is much smaller. Clever.