Whatever Wanda [book review]

This book fell into our laps at the absolute perfect time. We had a "threenager." True, this was likely a result of my short-tempered, lazy parenting -- instead of answering a question for the 100th time, I'd say something like "What do YOU think?" or "Use your head!" Really, I'd like to blame it on my daily migraine or pregnancy hormones still finding their way out of my body...but in reality I just needed an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT.

That's what this book is about. For my son to read a book that was vivid (great illustrations), fun (repetition) so that he could participate, AND a lesson about life... it was a total score for a five-minute bedtime book!

Wanda finds her way after a series of events on a special day in her town. She is a great reminder to US ALL that sometimes we just need to look in the mirror to make the day a little more pleasant!

This book was wonderful for our kiddo who just turned four, but could be good for a child 3-10 years old, I'd say.

This is one of a handful of wonderful books by Christy Ziglar all about teaching some pretty important life lessons. The lesson is kept light-hearted and therefore kids remain receptive to it! At least, that's what I think! I loved the reminder and I am trying now to not take life so seriously again!

Do you need an attitude adjustment? Most of us do!


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