Love Inspired - Book Series [Review]

Something you might not know about me is that I love a good mystery novel. I enjoy those stories more if they have a romantic undertone. What I don't like is if the mystery gets too dark or if the romance is a little too Fifty Shades of Grey, if you know what I mean! Well, something I recently learned about myself is that I love a good plain old-fashioned romance as well!

I had the opportunity to read a series called Love Inspired - it's part of Harlequin and I never thought I'd be a Harlequin enthusiast, it seemed too "tame" for my tastes. But then I realized in the last 15 years I've grown into a different person (a lot of that has to do with time and children) and Harlequin novels have grown into a more modern, readable resource as well!

I started of course with the Firefighter book (A Firefighter's Promise) in the six-book series! It's actually quite intriguing. Not because it's a page turning mystery and I need to know what happens before I can possibly sleep, BUT, because you can really identify with the characters. They are very real life. Not just for firefighting enthusiasts either. The characters are mothers, fathers, friends. You could actually see yourself in the story -- nothing over the top. It's so relative to my life and I love it! I am SO excited to get a move on the rest of the series!

This would be a FANTASTIC Mother's Day gift - don't tell my mom, but she's going to be getting my slightly rumpled, dog-eared copies in addition to her flowers and breakfast! :)

The Love Inspired product line is a series of 6 books that are released every month & only have a shelf-life of one month. The books mentioned here are on sale April 21 - May 28.

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