Lovey Letters by Leah ~ Showered with Love [review]

Do you have a little in your life? Someone expecting? A toddler that desperately wants to have an original bedroom? This shop is even great for grown-ups looking to dress up a room or personalize something of their own -- Lovey Letters by Leah is a fantastic resource for making a room "your own" or her own in this case!

At nearly three years old, Ava has an attitude of much bigger proportions. Ava loves Minnie. All things Minnie. In fact, she only watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I cannot persuade her with Dora or My Little Pony or anything else. Just Minnie. While this is totally monotonous for mama, it's perfect for Ava's personality.

So, in designing a new "big girl" room motif, it was of course, all things Minnie. Etsy is a complete treasure trove of all things Minnie. That is where I found Leah's shop. I was amazed at her diversity in what she could do -- which is really ANYTHING! In contacting Leah, she is incredibly thorough - attention to the utmost detail and absolute professionalism is all you get (with a hefty dose of passion and friendliness!) when you deal with her. I'd highly, highly recommend her shop and services if you are looking to add a little personal touch to a bedroom or nursery.

She drafted up what I could expect to receive from what I gave her (the details of what I'd like to see from the letters) -- I couldn't believe the extremely fast turnaround and how spot-on her mock-up was with what I had wanted and communicated to her. All in all, it was a fantastic transaction!

The letters arrived as promised within the shipping notification time frame. The box was just slightly mussed on one end, a little dented and so I was a tad worried -- I've never been one to blame the postal service or other couriers of being too gentle! But, due to Leah's wonderful packing job, the items were unscathed. The only change I'd love to see is rather than promoting use of Styrofoam packing peanuts, maybe newspaper or a more sustainable alternative.

The letters are wrapped with ribbon and printed wallpaper-like material. The lumber underneath is quality, a softer wood, and not particle board or chipboard - it's nice! The letters and underparts are all wooden - so it's a quality, heavy-duty item. Not like what you'd see in a big box store that is half-plastic or cardboard. This will last longer than your child's love of whatever character they choose!

This is a beautifully crafted unique gift for someone else or a little treat for yourself when "sprucing up" any room for a personal touch.

Disclosure: I worked with Leah for an article and inclusion in the Showered with Love event and received complimentary items. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 


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