The Holy Grail of Cloth Diapers [Review]

Everything has it's own Holy Grail, unattainable, magnificent, fabled "icon" of any niche, hobby, trade, or collection. For me, I found my Holy Grail of cloth diapers and finally have that sucker in my stash! Many are fans of the Ragababe or possibly another beautiful crazy stocking session-madness diaper. For me, I saw quality and beauty and felt deep diaper desire when I came across Holden's Landing Etsy shop with my first son.

Holden's Landing has what can only be described as luxurious, plush diapers. They are handmade and some are even custom embroidered, like the Puffin diaper that I received. It's one of those times when I am actually a little sad for it to become a poo-catcher. It's just so pretty!

The shop owner and creator of the fabled diapers is Bonnie. She must know how the diapering community can be, because she has a "Nappy of the Month" club -- a new masterpiece will arrive on a three or six month subscription basis! How fun! I think I would spend my days checking boxes off of the calendar until the next fluffy package arrived! It would be a slippery slope for me!

So, our AI2 Organic Bamboo Velour cloth diaper arrived and I fell in love. I wasn't even sure at first, during those initial newborn poo days that I had it in me to parent a preschooler and a newborn AND cloth diaper. It was a distant memory, the diaper laundry, and it seemed daunting. I'm so happy that I went with it again and it didn't take more than one load to remember how much I adored diapering with cloth. Adding the Holy Grail diaper to my stash made me delighted. It's so soft and the Puffin reminds me of the adventures I had with my boys last summer (one holding my hand, one holding a place in my heart while in utero) exploring the Puffin-filled seas in Alaska.

Since it's an AI2 diaper (my personal favorite system, especially for bigger, older babies) it does not require the use of a cover -- thus no reason to cover the adorable Puffin! The diaper is hand-dyed and is an ocean of blue hues. The soaker is quick-dry and topped with organic bamboo velour. You can even ask Bonnie to include a microfleece top! We got the M/L size -- our big guy is at the bottom end of this currently, fitting around 15-30 pounds. It should be one of my absolute favorites for most of the duration of our diapering journey!

I appreciated learning about Bonnie's journey as a seller, the fact that she wasn't happy with her options on the market while pregnant and planning to use cloth for her kiddo. I cannot imagine having the talent in even her little pinky finger with all the artistic embroidery and crafty material matching creativity that she puts into all of her diapers. When someone is passionate about their craft, it surely shows and that is definitely the case here!

Holden's Landing is therefore my most sought-after diaper. It's plush and pretty and totally functional. I would NEVER have thought to use my prettiest diaper as our night-time diaper, just because I typically put the cute ones on during the day, secretly hoping to get to change my son during a mommy group or play date to let others get a glimpse! (Yes, it's crazy. But, I love talking about fluff and showing off the work of handmade diaper sellers!) I did have it on him two nights ago and he fell asleep shortly after putting it on him. I did not want to break the cardinal rule (do NOT wake the sleeping baby!) so I left him in it. He is an all-night and into the morning sleeper, and we had only the slightest (we're talking dime-size) area of wetness after about 13 hours!

I would say these are pretty trim for the maximum absorbency that they provide, but they are definitely not my MOST trim diapers. AIOs tend to be more slim and trim. BUT, it is, along with some of my other AI2s, one of my most absorbent diapers. No worries for daytime or nap. Even nighttime use was pretty impressive.

So know in your cloth diapering adventures that the Holy Grail of your diapering dreams IS attainable! It's possible to be cute and effective on the bum! I'm happy to share Holden's Landing with you as one of my all-time favorite cloth diapering sources. Check out the Easter fun in her shop -- loving all the bunnies and farm babies!

But wait! Bonnie wants to shower someone else with love! She is providing one diaper (hand-dyed Black Cherry -- pictured far right) for the giveaway hop going on now! Enter here to get in on an elusive Holden's Landing handmade diaper as well as some other great prizes from my site and many others.

Hop around this weekend and enjoy all the shower-themed goodies! Thanks to Bonnie of Holden's Landing for this great prize! Good luck!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary diaper to try and to write about. I love it so much. No other compensation was received. Thanks Bonnie! Shop small!

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  1. Omgosh her diapers are just stunningly beautiful!! I don't even think I could put pants on my child lol!! I would want to show off the cute fluff bum all day!! I love that not only are they gorgeous but they work great too!! So fabulous!