Empires Album Released by Hillsong United! [review]

Gone are the days of listening to whatever kind of music I want in my vehicle. Yes, I went through many phases, so this may just be another phase of life, but I know this phase of shuttling small children will not include the explicit music I may or may not have liked in my teen years. No Eminem, Snoop Dog, or even Carrie Underwood here. 

Mostly, my drives consist of either children's music, Disney soundtracks (which I consider to be their own genre), or NPR talk radio - which tends to get too in-depth about war and all the headlines are usually graphic, so that is very limited. Basically, I get to listen to A Prairie Home Companion and kids stuff.

Well, the new album by Hillsong UNITED called Empires released this week. We've been listening to it in the car for about a week now and not only do the kids like, so do I. Most of the time it's background noise, since there is always lively conversation or crying filling the van. But what words I'm able to hear stick with me throughout my day. 

Songs like "Touch the Sky" and "Here Now" resonate with me as the day goes on. My hope is that is true for my children as well.

"My heart beating, my soul breathingI found my life when I laid it downUpward falling, spirit soaringI touch the sky when my knees hit the ground"


Twitter: @HillsongUnited

Instagram: @HillsongUnited

Check them out on tour this summer: http://outcrytour.com/

Here’s a video of their performance on the TODAY show in case you missed it last month:https://vimeo.com/123986301

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