Are You Old Fashioned?

You hear 'old-fashioned' a lot in regular conversation these days. What does it actually mean though? I consider a lot of ideals and styles old-fashioned. Recently I had the opportunity to view a newly released DVD with that namesake and really enjoyed it!

NOTE: The movie is MUCH more interesting than the lame cover of the DVD. It was the one place that I thought they totally failed to do justice... Just my opinion though! So don't judge the disc by its cover!

The movie Old Fashioned is about a former frat boy turned "old-fashioned" antique shop keeper who gets to know a more free-spirited gal who is also his tenant. Let me tell you this much - it's categorized as a drama, and it's definitely not a comedy, but it's not too dark and is fairly light-hearted.

The thing I liked about the movie is that when I reflected on how that courtship stage actually FELT when my husband and I were dating, I thought the movie did a great job of getting this feeling in the forefront. The actors expressions, body language, the stolen was all SO well done.

A lot of movies in the Christian community get a bad wrap because of poor acting and low budget movies -- this is not the case. The cinematography was so fantastic! The story moved along well, and, it was real. Not super "Mary Poppins" -- which is also a common theme with many faith-based movies! This is not Mayberry -- there are some roles that are completely crass and vulgar and that is another aspect that MAKES the movie!

It's hard to imagine the lengths to which folks used to be expected to go during a prospective relationship quest -- ya know? Back when people were more old fashioned? But imagine how today most people are expectant of that first kiss or sometimes even sex on the very first date... what if we focused again on the conversation, the effort and the promise we were seeking?

The movie, whether you are a Christian person or not is rather thought-provoking and quite enjoyable. I totally recommend it! There is also a book by the same name that I have in queue which I will likely be starting tonight, just as soon as I finish a Wild Edibles book I've been loving!

Additionally, there is a devotional in print as well, again, with the same name, that is pretty nice for the reflection I mentioned. So many people are quick to "go through the motions" of the person they are interested in -- slowing it down, maybe being a little more old fashioned can be a great way to actually UP the ante in romance and excitement. It sounds crazy, but it's SO true. A little old fashioned chivalry is what won my heart when I was dating my husband!

The DVD release date is: June 16th, 2015. Find out more here:

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