Milestones Marching On... with Stonyfield and Tommee Tippee

The first baby grew fast. And we waited almost four years before we had the second baby. Why in the world did the second one start racing through milestones well before I got my "feet back underneath me" as a mama of two?

I have no idea if it's my age or if it's just that children grow exponentially faster as you have more of them. No matter what the cause, it's true -- my baby is barely a baby anymore! We're fast approaching toddling! Yes, he's just shy of six months old, but I feel like I got about three days of newborn, a little bit of infant, and now I'm going to have another four-year-old in no time! So now that the time has come to feed him, I'm embracing that milestone.

It's harder to do things right the second time. But, I've decided to be conservative in starting solids, he will get what we eat - just in mushy, tiny tastes. No gross rice cereal. Bananas, yogurt, avocados, REAL food. What won't change is that we'll still need to "gear up" to feed a little one again. This is where Tommee Tippee is a real asset. There is an entire line (way beyond neat bottles) that includes bibs, bowls, sippy cups, and even pacifiers! [I so wish sometimes that he would take a pacifier!]

This is the milestone that I dread, because it means I have a "big boy" and my husband loves, because he can finally help more with our baby. Feeding is essential to bonding. Feeding is fun. Feeding is messy. But, with some nifty tools and tricks, feeding is a lot easier.

Tommee Tippee has a great line of all the tools you need to make the first solids and the journey to becoming a "big kid" eater really easy!

*Disclosure: I partnered with Stonyfield Organics and Tommee Tippee for this post. All opinions are my own.*


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