Panasonic Home Surveillance - Three Unanticipated Uses for Families

Panasonic Home Surveillance Systems are excellent resources for a "regular" family, like ours, that just want a little extra peace-of-mind. They feature indoor and outdoor cameras and have accessories that sync up with devices, allowing you to say turn your home lights on remotely. Fun features, neat for a tech enthusiast.

(Photo courtesy of Megy Karydes, Foodie TravelingMom.)

For me? I'm very low-tech and the system was easy for me to wrap my brain around, so it gets some bonus points for that! But the biggest thing that had me "geeking out" about this system is the versatility of use. We are not urban. A far cry from it in fact -- we have a hobby farm complete with two ponds, an eagles nest, a river and our own chickens and pets. So though there is always the risk of home security issues, it's not something we lose a lot of sleep over. Some of the best home security we've found are good dogs. (Which incidentally is what I told the telemarketers that called a few months ago trying to sell me THEIR system. Imagine my surprise when I'd be blown away by Panasonic's system!) I'm definitely a skeptic converted. So while we spend more time in our tent than our home, we will know that the house, garden, chickens and more are all safe and sound!

Here is a great video from a fellow TMOM and her son, as they unbox the same system that I am referencing here! Isn't is such a manageable size?!

I don't have a traumatizing firsthand story about a robbery or break in that keeps my kids up at night. Sure, neighborhood kids have stolen a jug of gasoline and there was that one time that we had a litter of puppies dumped on our property. Small instances of poor judgement mostly. But I do find value in this home security system more than I ever though possible in fact!

What follows are the three ways we utilize the system time and again.

1) Hunting
This time-honored tradition is a supreme part of our lives. It's part of what keeps us in meat and we do a lot of subsistence living from the land. We will now be able to monitor what critters are frequenting our land - including deer. This funny thing happens when you have a garden - the deer come to you! Though this does not apply to hunting season, since the vegetables have long since frozen by then - the deer do stick around a lot of the time though! It's not only an asset to hunting strategy to be able to have studied the behavioral patterns of the deer for hunting, it's also a really neat lesson in biology for the kids! Last year we had a large, Boone & Crockett bragging rights buck on our property - we also had tracks of a few unwelcome trespassers looking to bag the buck. This year, we'll have footage of anyone trying to poach on our land! (We hunt for meat, not antlers, and sincerely hope this big ol' buck survived the season and will seek refuge on our land year after year.)
2) Travel Fears
I used to be one of the bravest gals I knew. I guess I'm still brave in some ways, but I also have more fears than ever before after becoming a mom. Now while I'm out camping or fishing or just seeing the themeparks with my young family, I can monitor my home from afar. This will at least kick one travel fear to the curb, allowing me to better enjoy my time with the family. An odd side note: we can also talk to Binky and Whiskers while we're away, in case they get lonely!
3) Farmyard Security
I mentioned that we are rural. It's not usually humans that have us searching for our pants and flashlights at 3 a.m. It's farmyard pests. We currently have a skunk lingering on the property - which in all seriousness probably means about a half dozen skunks. We have a groundhog - which is no bother to me, other than a few ill-placed potholes in the yard. The eagle probably won't take any chickens since they prefer the lazy route: the buffet of buzzards, carrion. We have bears occasionally and a local coyote pack. The red-tailed hawks and goshawks are the ones that really desire that juicy white meat. No matter who is slinking around, friend or foe, man, woman or beast, we'll have some good intelligence, night and day, of who the "perp" is!

There is a long list of features and uses for Panasonic's Home Security systems - our uses are merely those that fit our lifestyle and living situation. There is a use for everyone and since the sticker price is less than $300 -- it's very affordable. With night/Infared options, accessories to remotely operate certain fun features, and the option to hook up multiple cameras, you could have a veritable home command center thanks to this handy, easy-to-use system. The size is pretty small - the box is no bigger than a child's lunchbox and the cameras are boxy and sleek, not like the "old school" black surveillance cameras in gas stations. They aren't camouflaged for use in the natural environment, but that is easily remedied.

In a nutshell, the system is easy to set up, has no cost to maintain (no subscriptions or data to pay monthly), and is great for in and outdoor use. I feel like it is a very comprehensive system for such a small price. We are having a blast, feeling like farm ninjas!

*Disclosure: This post is a partnership with and Panasonic. I received a complimentary camera system to utilize and write about. No further compensation was received. All opinions are my own.*

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  1. My husband wants to put a camera by our coop to keep an eye on our hens. Ours usually free range, and I check on them every 15-20 minutes throughout the day. Many times I have looked out to see a Cooper's hawk or cat eyeing our birds. A few cameras at the end of the property would be so helpful. Also, both of my neighbor's have been robbed, so my husband bought a bright light with camera attached for out front for $200. Your system sounds like a better deal. Thanks for sharing.