FamilyLife's Passport2Purity Getaway Kit 3rd Edition

Sometimes in life you need a tour guide. It would be nice to have a chef, concierge, and maid too. The latter three I cannot help with -- maybe Angie's List can? The tour guide though...that is something I've found--at least for navigating uncharted territory with teens regarding dating, peer pressure, and all of those rough waters that come with having kids.

This kit includes a tour guide for the caregivers (mom, dad, grandma...whomever), a Travel journal for the tween (with devotions), and eight CDs with lessons, scripture songs, and all that is needed to make this journey as a family.

Is it any wonder we would need a tour guide these days? There is so much violence, sex, and disrespect that greets us with open arms, every single day. Sexting. Selfies. Online predators. Bullying. Peer Pressure. The list goes on and on. Sure, it was and always has been tough for kids growing up -- it's a right of passage to be able to become a responsible adult, BUT today's teens have it much worse in my opinion. This FamilyLife Passport2Purity kit can help!

Since this is all about a journey together, the kit is best put to use on a getaway. Take it to a resort or a cabin or a family gathering. Go where there are few distractions. Take the course together, intensely over a weekend.

Good luck and bon voyage! I really hope that this will help your parenting journey. When the time comes for us, I know that we'll be trying to board any lifeboat we can to keep from drowning in the Sea of the Unknown!

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary kit as part of a partnership with FlyBy Promotions.


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