OsoCozy AIO Version 3.0 Cloth Diaper [Review]

The OsoCozy All-In-One (AIO) cloth diaper is available in TWO sizes and FIVE colors. We are happy to add another Made in the USA diaper to our stash and we chose Aqua. It's gorgeous -- I'd call it teal in color.


The fabric that is the waterproof outer shell is crazy. It's lightweight but a little puffy (but the kind of puff like down, not like foam...) It's cushy fluff! It reminds me of the material of my childhood snow pants. I know this all sounds crazy, but it's just the most unique material I've felt in a cloth diaper. Most PUL feels the same. This feels extra plush and luxurious but does not feel any more bulky.

It's a husband/grandparent/daycare pleaser because it's an AIO and you don't have to fuss with inserts. I also like that you can order an unbleached version -- options are great! We opt for unbleached whenever we can.

Made in the USA


I appreciate the cross-over snaps, but if you only want to use the first then it does line up strange. Putting it on the second cross-over is more convenient but not a perfect fit (for OUR son.)

These are a longer dry time diaper. Most sewn-in insert styles have a little longer dry time. If you tend to use mostly Mother Natures' "dryer" (wind and sun) on the line, then you just need patience. Otherwise, it may take two or more dryer cycles indoors. We usually do outdoor drying and then fluff up in the dryer.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary diaper for the purposes of completing this review. 


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