Peachtree Publications - Birding Books for Young and Old(er)

Have a budding birder? These books by Peachtree Publications are sure to keep them curious about our ornithological friends! Great illustrations and easy concepts make these books great for about preK - Grade 2, I'd say!

My favorite was the ostriches. So dazzling but realistic!

There is no better time than NOW to foster a sense of stewardship in your children -- birding together is a great way to do so! How do you get them interested in birding? Well, I've found that almost all children LOVE stories! Finding books like these published by Peachtree is a fantastic way to introduce your love of the natural world to them in a fun way!

Taking time out together each evening also gives me and my oldest some quality time to bond. Peachtree has fantastic books that link learning and love for our family -- I get to "geek out" about living organisms and biological concepts with my son and he just thinks we're hanging out, reading about bugs and birds! Winning.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary book of each title from Peachtree.*


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