Summertime is Snacktime with Late July Snacks and Stonyfield Organic! Got Dip?

Chips and dips are one of my favorite comfort foods! Who wants mashed potatoes and gravy when it's 90 degrees?! So, when it's hot, I go for a little bit lighter, cooler combination. I love ranch on my chips -- something not everyone in my family can appreciate -- so I got creative and made chipotle ranch dip instead! What really rocks is that Stonyfield tubs are super convenient to mix dip inside! You just make a little pocket (like a volcano) for any spices, seasonings, and freshly minced veggies you want in your dip and stir away! No need for dirtying more dishes AND you get to reuse a container! I also like to write the date on top of my container so that there is no guesswork (though we RARELY see any leftovers last that long!)

My son thinks ketsup is spicy, so it didn't even make it to his lips. My husband on the other hand devoured it. He didn't even realize that I had replaced my usual sour cream in the recipe with Plain Stonyfield yogurt! He just said it tasted "lighter" which was great for a hot summer day!

I made the dip AGAIN for his birthday and his family when nuts, not only putting it on the Late July Organic Sea Salt by the Seashore Multigrain Tortilla Chips, but also on veggies that I had chopped up for snacking that day too! It pairs well with homemade hummus, to give some flavorful mix n match options to summertime snacks! If you want a nice, organic go-to when your family comes in hungry from outdoor play, try out one of these recipes from Stonyfield!

*Disclosure: This new tastebud experiment was brought to me and you by a partnership with Stonyfield Organic and Late July snacks. It's delicious and that's my honest opinion!*


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