Three Cloth Diapers to Help You Celebrate the 4th of July

The cloth diapering industry is expanding and with growth comes diversity. Well there are a few schools of thought on imported diapers and outsourced work, I'm not here to talk about that. At least not today. BUT, if you are looking for a great brand-name, American made/designed cloth diaper, here are three fantastic options for this Independence Day.


OsoCozy makes a diaper I am crazy about. The material is different than any other PUL fabric I've ever encountered and the soaker does the work of many. I'm really swooning over this design - it's like a puffy jacket but it's not puffy at all. It's ample in material yet light as well -- I'd never even held an OsoCozy diaper until last week and I've found a new favorite to add to my starting line-up! This is a winner that deserves a fireworks display!

Smarti Pants

A simple diaper that works, Smarti Pants has a very lightweight sleeve pocket diaper that will not be too bulky in the warm July weather but will also keep the babe from wetness on the bottom. Daddy is a big fan of this diaper since the stuffing sleeve is generous for big hands. I'm a big fan because our chubby thigh guy has more room with the design of Smarti Pants, so I'm not ever worried the gussets are too tight. I get a perfect fit, every time. This is cause to celebrate.

Best Bottoms 

The sly little foxes drew me in (as well as the American-made label) and the design and quality finished calling to me the rest of the way. I like that this diaper isn't plain - it's adorable. We chose to go with hemp inserts and they fit well inside the envelope cover, making use of all the space but not becoming bulky. Again, the diaper feels like amazing quality, even in the hand, so I can only imagine how comfortable it is on the bum! A girl can day dream about a parade that throws diapers instead of handfuls of candy, right?!

There you go folks. Have yourself a Happy Independence Day and try these three favorites next time your in the market for an American made diaper. Stay tuned for in-depth reviews of all three diapers! Have a safe holiday!


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