How to Create the PERFECT Lunch for Your Preschooler

When he was a baby, I was a breastfeeding Nazi -- absolutely unabashedly steadfast with organic everything when he was older. We used natural soap and cloth diapered. Now that my preschooler is a big boy, I often find myself making organic Mac 'N Cheese only to put hot dogs in it at his request. When the little ones can speak up and request foods that aren't what you would like them to have and certainly are not what the doctor ordered, how can you make a lunch that is perfect for them AND you?

Start Here

1) We had to find the perfect lunchbox. In fact, we had to have THREE. We have Skip Hop ZOO buddies -- hippo and monkey. We also got a Paw Patrol lunchbox. Pick whatever you feel they will appreciate and adore and keep track of!

2) Make a simple JELLY sandwich -- having peanut butter on it will utterly offend my son. Too much protein you say? Okay. Jelly it is. [Making a mental note to up the ante with the protein in another department!] Cut off the crust. Crust is also unacceptable. Make it fun with the Press 'N Seal you got from The Pampered Chef. Voila! Entree: done.

3) Pack Yo Kids Squeezers [my son likes Strawberry] -- Blueberry/Lemonade and Cherry/Berry are other options, but not at our local store. We find the Squeezers at Target. You also get 2g of Protein in these little squeezy tubes, so rest easy knowing there is a healthy snack in there!

4) Add in simple classic snacks like goldfish crackers, an apple, raisins, or a small baggie of GORP--which I make at home since I think it tasted better than pre-packaged trail mix! [I use Craisins, M&Ms, dry roasted peanuts, and dried Turkish apricots.] 

5) Kiss 'em goodbye for the day as you drop them off and then run to the vehicle as the hot tears refuse to stay put in their ducts! Take solace mama, the kid has a great lunch and you have done a super job!

Disclosure: This perfect lunch was created in a partnership with Stonyfield Organics. I received complimentary Yo Kids Squeezers to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.


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