Our Holiday Favorites for Kids

Remember last year when we were dreaming of Christmas in July? Well, this year we held off a LITTLE longer before thinking everything holiday-related! My son felt the chill in the air during a recent low pressure system and he decided we needed to watch some good children's programming. 

First the request was Vegimals. And the Vegimals we have are part of an Octonauts (The Very Vegimal Christmas!) This was shortly followed up by Dino Dan. And again, we have Twas a Dinosaur. Last stop during our rainy day was Caillou's Holiday Movie!

If you haven't picked up copies of these movies yet, since I urged you to last year, I'd highly recommend them still today! My personal favorite (yes, they are all highly tolerable if not enjoyable for parents too) is the Very Vegimal Christmas. Sometime around June my son was humming a little tune and my husband and I recognized it, but couldn't place it. It was hummed for weeks. Finally, we asked him what it was, and he said "vegimals!" He hadn't seen the disc in months and the tune was spot-on! It was also catchy as all get out, so we were all humming it all summer!

These are children's favorites, popularized by television broadcasting and can be enjoyed whenever the rain (or snow) threatens to stomp on fun. I appreciate having wholesome programming in our home (since grandparents assume that Cartoon Network is still just Looney Tunes...wrong!) This is an easy way to ensure my son isn't watching Adult Swim at four years old!

I won't lie, I've even caught myself watching a few episodes while my son is away or napping. About ten minutes in I think: "Why am I watching kids shows when I can watch anything I would like?" I think the truth is, I like them!

Disclosure: I have partnered with NCircle to bring you my holiday favorites. All opinions are my own.


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