SmartiPants One-Size Cloth Diaper [Review]

Smartipants are fantastic. That about sums it up. End of review.

Just kidding! (About the end, anyway!) They are fantastic though.

We tried a one-size cloth diaper just in time for the 4th of July (to celebrate the fact that Smartipants are made in the USA!) And, because I've been absolutely zombie-brained for about nine months (coincidence???) I forgot to hit "publish!" So, only two months too late, you are getting this update on Smartipants, my support of all things USA-crafted, and, well, a great idea for a cloth diaper to gift to a new mama, a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time mama, or just a friend that is hopefully waiting for that first babe to diaper. It's never a bad time to buy a Smartipants diaper!

Ruh-roh Raggy! Halloween Coolsville Style! [review]

First there was Caillou. Then it was Paw Patrol. We STILL have a Dragons obsession. But now, the new thing in this house is Scooby Doo. Of course, I grew up with Scooby. I think it was the version that had the theme song "hang around for Scooby Doo" -- and now we listen to Blink 182 jamming out "What's New, Scooby Doo?" And, though Casey Casem was a classic, I'm diggin' Matthew Lillard as Shaggy Rogers.

Have Your Cheesecake And Eat It Too

Cheesecake is a personal weakness of mine. I went so far as to purchase an expensive spring form pan JUST to try my hand at making the homemade style cheesecake for my husbands birthday (any excuse, right?) Well, I happen to like the instant from-a-box variety better. No matter the form or flavor, one thing is for sure: it's not on ANY of the diets I've tried. It's not really very good for you. It's not even cheese--so I can't really afford it a place in the "dairy" group.


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